Threefold Knocker

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

This supple leather glove has miniature brass fittings set on its knuckles, with the image of an open doorway embroidered on its palm and of a closed doorway on the other side. Three times per day, you can use the threefold knocker to knock on any closed but unlocked door, taking 1 round, opening the door and stepping through. The door closes behind you, but rather than stepping through the door normally you open and emerge from a different unlocked door (which may be open or closed) within the same building, or within 100 feet if within a different building. If you have line of sight to the door from which you wish to emerge, or if you can picture it specifically, you may choose the door from which you emerge. You also may specify whether you emerge inside or outside a door. Otherwise, you can specify an approximate direction and distance; the GM rolls 1d4 to randomly select your destination from doors in that area.

If you knock three times, you can bring yourself and two other adjacent creatures through the doorway to your destination with you; this expends the threefold knocker’s power for the day. Other creatures passing through the doorway you affect with the threefold knocker do not travel with you unless you use this threefold knock, even if they move through the doorway immediately before or after you or ready an action to move through the doorway at the same time. You can use this ability when passing through an unlocked window or similar aperture, as long as it is of sufficient size to allow you to pass through it easily; if it is so small or narrow that it requires an Acrobatics check to move through it, you cannot use the threefold knocker.

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