Weapon (energy rifle), rare

A thundergun is an early model of an electrical beam weapon, which unlike most high-tech weapons misfires on a natural 1 on an attack roll, causing the weapon to become broken, which increases its misfire range to a natural 1-5. If a thundergun misfires again while broken, it explodes for 2d6 points of lightning damage, plus 1 point per charge remaining in the gun, affecting all creatures within 5 feet of the wielder (DC 12 Dexterity half ). A thundergun can be switched to a nonlethal setting (or back to its normal setting) as a bonus action. In this mode, a creature reduced to 0 hit points is knocked unconscious but is stable and need not make death saving throws. Damage 2d6 lightning, weight 4 lbs, range 100/300 feet, properties reload (10 shots), two-handed.

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