Timeless Unguent

Potion, uncommon

This oily lotion can be applied to any non-living object, preserving it from the ravages of time and decay.

If applied to a corpse, it acts as gentle repose. If applied to any other object, it prevents rust, wear, fading, rot, and spoilage, repelling tiny parasites and vermin, causing each year of time to affect the item as only a single day.

Timeless unguent does not prevent breakage or damage to the item from weapons, fire, or other attacks.

Thusly preserved edible items can be eaten at any point after the unguent has been applied. Each vial of timeless unguent can coat 8 Medium objects. Small or smaller objects count as one-half of a Medium object, while Large objects count as 2, Huge objects 4, and Gargantuan objects count as 8 Medium items.

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