Tomb Warden’s Stele

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

This two-foot wide carved slab has a square indentation with perfectly weathered sandstone.

When first discovered, the face of the tomb warden’s stele is blank. Anyone who appropriately identifies the properties of the item can chisel on a message of no more than 25 words during the attunement period. The writer becomes linked to the stele, gaining several benefits.

A creature linked to the tomb warden’s stele hears a mental alarm (as per the alarm spell) any time someone comes within 100 feet of the stele. As an action, the linked creature can see from a vantage of 500 feet above the stele, rotating their viewpoint up to 360 degrees. The creature perceives with its normal visual senses. All of these abilities cease to function if the linked create travels more than 50 miles away from the stele.

The stele remains attunement to a creature until they die. If erase or mending is cast upon the stele, the attunement is also broken and the item can be re-linked by inscribing a new message on its surface.

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