Toxic Scabbard

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

This subtle, unremarkable leather sheath is a poisoner’s delight. It can accommodate any weapon from the light bladed weapon like a dagger or shortsword, and if the wielder places a dose of injury or contact poison into the toxic scabbard, it retains its potency indefinitely until used. The enchantment of the toxic scabbard and any weapon sheathed in it or poison contained within it cannot be detected with divinatory magic like detect magic or detect poison unless the caster succeeds on a DC 20 Arcana check. As an action, the wearer can coat a weapon sheathed in the toxic scabbard with the stored poison; he has no chance of accidentally poisoning himself when doing so. In addition, the wielder may choose to spread the dose of the poison out by not applying a full dose, allowing him to poison his weapon more than once. He must make this choice when triggering the stored poison for the first time. If he chooses to split the poison into two doses, the save DC for each dose is reduced by 2. If he splits the poison into three doses, the save DC for each dose is reduced by 4.

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