Toxin Vents

Wondrous item (technological), uncommon

Some creatures generate their own internal toxins, such as the bil’djooli in the Alien Bestiary from Legendary Games. Such creatures create adaptive armor with toxin filters to collect blood- and waterborne contaminants and even drains their own naturally produced toxins away from their skin. Toxin vents grant the wearer a +2 bonus on Constitution saves against poison. The poison collects in expanding sacs attached to the armor. Whenever an attacker scores a critical hit against you the sacs rupture and releases their pressurized contents, exposing adjacent creatures to the toxins unless they succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw against the poison. Once any sac in a system of toxin vents bursts, the vents continue to filter toxins for the wearer, but can’t spray additional poison until the suit is repaired.

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