Toy Soldier’s Ushanka

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

This fur hat is embellished with military insignia.

You can transform yourself into the likeness of a toy soldier, appearing to all inspection as an ordinary diminutive object; a successful DC 17 Wisdom (Perception) check is needed to see you in this form.

Even under scrutiny, you have a +10 bonus on your Charisma (Deception) checks to pretend you are a simple toy. You are also protected from magical divinations as nondetection. You cannot move as a toy soldier, but you are aware of your surroundings and can see and hear normally. If attacked, you have resistance to physical damage and retain your normal hit points in this form. You have no need to eat, drink, or sleep in this form and can maintain it for up to 1 week. Once you return to your normal form, you can’t activate this ability until the next dawn.

In addition, you can link the toy soldier’s ushanka to an actual toy soldier you carry by undergoing the attunement process with both items. You can only link yourself to one toy soldier at a time. Whenever you take damage, as a reaction, you can transform yourself into a toy soldier as above and teleport yourself to a random location within 30 feet. If the damage that triggered this action is from an area effect, your destination is outside this area, unless the effect affects the entire area within 30 feet.

Meanwhile, at the instant you transform, the linked toy solider is transformed into your likeness and takes your place at your former location, appearing slain by the attack. This duplicate is similar to simulacrum but it retains the appearance of your dead body for 1 hour before turning to sawdust. It is magical but protected from divinations as nondetection. Close inspection can reveal the body is fake with a successful DC 25 Wisdom (Medicine) check.

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