Wondrous item, uncommon

This strange looking device looks almost like a gun with an oversized grip trigger. The barrel is open and holds foot a pair of foot-long clear tubular glass cartridges that when properly affixed look like twin syringe chambers connected to a single nozzle. Each cartridge holds an identical amount of a different colored syrupy liquid, one pale yellow, the other clear but slightly milky. When the vacusealer’s trigger is compressed, it releases a rapid hardening polymer that flows in a slow but steady stream from the end of the nozzle until it runs out or the individual squeezing the trigger releases her grip. The user can control the compression releasing a small amount very slowly up to a fist-sized blob. The polymer sets in one round but remains pliable.

Over the course of the next two minutes, it becomes completely solid and creates a fully airtight seal around whatever it was applied to, encasing it much like a fossil is preserved in amber. The polymer is most commonly used to preserve and protect circuitry and effectively provides the material with 20 bonus hit points against the effects of energy damage (fire, cold, lightning, acid, etc). The polymer can be applied to most solid materials to give it the same benefit. If the sealed item takes damage, it is removed from the temporary hit points first before the damage is applied to the actual item.

While a vacusealer can be used to coat the skin of a living creature, it prevents airflow and once it hardens prevents the creature from moving, thus it has limited use in its capacity as armor and more often then not, those who have tried to use it for such purposes end up injuring themselves.

Alternately, the polymer can be used as a glue, however it doesn’t hold up well under stress and if it takes more than 20 hit points of damage, it loses its bond.

Polymer cartridges always come in pairs and contain enough of the polymer to seal the surface area of 2-square-feet of material. Once the polymer hardens, it is expended. Similarly, once a cartridge is emptied the polymer gets lodged in the nozzle making refilling used cartridges near impossible.

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