Weapon (warhammer), legendary (requires attunement by a cleric or paladin)

This +3 warhammer has a head forged in the shape of a crashing wave.

Radiates: Abjuration, conjuration, and transmutation magic.

Power: When you strike this weapon on the ground in the direction of the nearest enemy, you summon a water elemental. It instantly appears and automatically attacks that enemy for 1 round, then breaks apart in a crashing wave that drenches and pushes that enemy and all adjacent creatures within 10 feet (including any movable objects) backward 10 feet; it also knocks them prone if they fail a Dexterity save.

Instead of attacking, the water elemental can be commanded to form beneath you and either lift you up 10 feet in the air for one round (such as to reach a higher elevation), or to lift you up 5 feet and “surf” you in a straight line in any one direction for up to 60 feet away on land or up to 120 feet on water. The surf action reorders you to the top of the initiative order in combat for the rest of the encounter.

You may use this power once per day, and only if the weapon has been bathed in salt water for ten minutes and a prayer to a specific sea god spoken over it–either by a qualifying priest of that religion or by you, if you are a devout worshiper.

Power: You cannot be directly targeted by any aquatic creature as long as the weapon is held.

Power: If the elemental has not been summoned yet that day, you may cast water walk or water breathing on yourself at will and maintain the spell effects for as long as desired, but only for as long as the weapon is held. The spell effects end one round after you are disarmed or choose to end them (as a free action).

Special: This item creates consecrated/desecrated ground.

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