Whip of the Blue Wyrm

Weapon (whip), uncommon (+1), rare (+2), or very rare (+3) (requires attunement)

Used by the half-dragon taskmasters of a long-forgotten empire, these whips drew fear and hopelessness from those who felt their terrible stings. This dark blue dragonscale leather whip is forged from the supple scales of a blue dragon’s tail and enchanted by archmage forgemasters. Its handle of glyphed darkwood holds a single dragon claw on its base. You gain a bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon, determined by the weapon’s rarity.

You can use a bonus action to speak this whip’s command word, which sends arcing bolts of lightning down the length of the whip. While lightning arcs down the whip, it deals an extra 1d6 lightning damage to any target it hits. The lightning lasts until you use a bonus action to speak the command word again or until you drop or stow the whip.

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