Winged Shield

Armor (shield), very rare

This +2 shield is typically emblazoned with a spread-winged hawk, eagle, raven, or similar bird, and it grants an array of advantages in aerial combat. Any creature using its wings to attack the wielder has disadvantage on attack rolls with them (though this does not apply to attack rolls with other attacks they may make). If the wielder has wings or is riding a mount that uses wings to fly, their flying speed (or that of their mount) is increased by 10 feet.

As an action or a reaction, the wielder can command the shield to sprout wings and fly for up to 10 minutes, bearing a load of up to 300 pounds.

This requires concentration as the wielder maintains their grip on the shield with one hand and is borne aloft by it with a flying speed of 60 feet. While using the winged shield to fly, the wielder gains no bonus to AC from the shield. The wielder can end the effect at any time as a bonus action by letting go of the shield.

Once it ends, the shield’s flying power cannot be used again until the wielder completes a short or long rest.

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