Witch’s Broom

Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

This item is a broom of flying that has additional, miraculous effects. While not truly sentient, if you are charmed, stunned, unconscious, or otherwise unable to take actions the broom can use the Dash action on your behalf to exit the battlefield and seek cover until said effects have ended. If you are riding the broom, you gain half cover and advantage on all saving throws against magical effects. Additionally, saving throws that you cause with spells or other magical effects all cause the creature making the save to have disadvantage.

Epic Attunement. As a reaction, you gain the ability to use the rogue’s Evasion class feature. Additionally, as an action, you can double the broom’s fly speed for 1 minute. You can use each of these abilities once, after which you must complete a long rest to use them again.

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