Witch’s Circle

Weapon (chakram), very rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

This damask steel weapon is a simple ring with the interior edge dulled to rest comfortably in hand. You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. Call the Four. When you hit with a ranged attack using this weapon, the target takes an extra 1d8 damage of one of the following types (your choice): cold, fire, lightning, or thunder. Immediately after the attack, the weapon flies up to 60 feet and tries to return to your hand. If you have no hand free, it falls to the ground at your feet.

Witch’s Light. While holding this weapon, you can use an action to cast the moonbeam spell from it, using your spell save DC. You cast the 6th-level version of the spell. Once used, this property can’t be used again until the next dawn. Chakram Statistics. A chakram is a martial melee weapon with the thrown property (range 20/60 feet). It weighs 1 pound and costs 15 gp, and it deals 1d6 slashing damage. The witch’s circle is a magical version of this weapon.

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