Wolfsbane Tonic

Wondrous item, rare

Lycanthropy is a notoriously difficult condition to cure. Wolfsbane tonic is a refined form of the toxic wolfsbane, which can cure the condition, but can just as easily prove fatal. If you consume the tonic, you gain advantage on saving throws to resist the curse of lycanthropy for one hour. Alternatively, you can consume three doses at once to attempt to rid yourself of the curse of lycanthropy. Taking these doses requires a DC 18 Constitution saving throw.

The curse of lycanthropy ends if you succeed. On a failure you are poisoned until you benefit from a long rest or magic that removes the poisoned condition. Wolfsbane tonic can only be administered to a willing or helpless creature. A newly crafted bottle of wolfsbane tonic contains five doses.

Written materials are a staple of the fantasy genre, often with forbidden lore contained within their pages. Spell scrolls are the most common type of written magical item, but this chapter also includes magical maps, tomes, and writing implements.

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