Wondrous item, very rare

This fermented beverage made from honey, tree bark, and corn allows the drinker to momentarily defy reality. When found, a vial contains 1d3+1 one-ounce doses of the prized liqueur. You can use an action to drink a dose. The effects last for one minute. The instant you swallow it, you experience a sense of euphoria. You gain 10 temporary hit points and become immune to being frightened. In addition, you can use your reaction to enter a transcendental state until the end of your next turn when xtabentun’s effects suddenly end. When you use the magical elixir in this way, you gain resistance to all damage and advantage on all saving throws. Any harmful abilities or magical effects that would affect you while you have resistance do not take effect until the liqueur’s magic wears off. If you can counteract the harmful ability or magical effect in the interim, you negate the harmful ability or magical effect in its entirety.

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