Zuggle Orb

Wondrous item, uncommon

This colorful orb of raw elemental energy is encased in a thin, lightly pulsating membrane. The type of energy the zuggle orb contains is determined by the zuggle it was harvested from. Ice orbs are most common, but different types of zuggles bear different orbs.

As an action, you can throw the zuggle orb at a point you can see up to 60 feet away from you. The orb shatters on impact, dealing 2d6 damage of the orb’s energy type to each creature within 5 feet of the point of impact.

Spells can temporarily modify a zuggle orb. As part of the action you use to throw the orb, you can cast a 1st-level or higher spell. When you cast a spell in this way, you expend the spell slot as normal but the spell doesn’t come into effect. Instead, one of the following effects occurs.

  • Different Damage Type. If the spell deals a different damage type than that of the orb, the zuggle orb changes its damage type to that dealt by the spell. For example, if you cast burning hands when you throw an ice zuggle orb, the orb deals fire instead of cold damage when it detonates.
  • Same Damage Type. If the spell deals the same type of damage as the orb, then the orb becomes supercharged.

A supercharged zuggle orb deals 4d6 damage to each creature within 10 feet of the orb when it detonates.

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