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Magic Item Types: Armor

57 Records Found

Name Type Source
Abyssal Carcass magicitem
Agile Armor magicitem
Armor of Insults magicitem
Armor of Life magicitem
Asp Hide magicitem
Barn Shield magicitem
Bestial Haramaki magicitem
Boneless Leather magicitem
Breastplate of Command magicitem
Bullet Buckler magicitem
Bush Harness magicitem
Cannonball Breastplate magicitem
Champion’s Shield magicitem
Cloudcloth Armor magicitem
Coral Corset magicitem
Crusader Aegis magicitem
Crypt Warden’s Plate magicitem
Cuirass of Miracles magicitem
Daystar Plate magicitem
Desert Evening Armor magicitem
Dragonmail magicitem
Dragonslayer’s Shield magicitem
Dynast Aegis magicitem
Earthenport Plate magicitem
Glitterfrost Buckler magicitem
Gorynych Scale magicitem
Hauberk-in-Motley magicitem
Invincible Cuirass magicitem
Ironskull Shield magicitem
Ironstretch Buckler magicitem
Jawbone Shield magicitem
Lighthouse Buckler magicitem
Magi’s Duster magicitem
Mammoth Hide magicitem
Mind Mirror magicitem
Plate of the White Wyrm magicitem
Prismatic Plate magicitem
Quickchange Studded Leather magicitem
Radiant Pharaoh’s Mail magicitem
Radiant Plate magicitem
Roofrunner’s Buckler magicitem
Scale of Endless Bureaucracy magicitem
Screecher Shield magicitem
Sewer Suit magicitem
Sharkskin Suit magicitem
Shield of Excellence magicitem
Shield of Intercession magicitem
Shield of the Encroaching Forest magicitem
Stanching Plate magicitem
Strangling Straps magicitem
Sunsilver Shield magicitem
Swarm Shield magicitem
Unraveling Silks magicitem
Winged Shield magicitem
Winterbark Barding magicitem
Wretched Warrior’s Garb magicitem
Zombie Skin Shield magicitem
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