Awakened Undead

In order to create an awakened undead, you must first create a character as they exist prior to dying and being transformed into an undead being. You retain your Size, but otherwise have the traits listed below.

Ancestral Traits

Undead are created in a variety of ways: necromancy, a curse, or even a contagion. Whatever the cause, a very few people who fall victim and are transformed into undead nevertheless retain their minds and personalities from life. These lucky (or unlucky?) few reawaken after death to discover themselves transformed into an animate corpse. Appearing like a zombie, awakened undead nevertheless behave as they did in life – at least, they try. They often find that their previous communities are unsettled by their new appearance.

Age. Awakened undead do not age.

Size. Awakened undead have the same size that they did in life.

Speed. Awakened undead have bodies that are somewhat sluggish. Your speed is 25 feet.

Inured to Poison. Undead bodies are not easily poisoned. You have resistance to poison damage and advantage on saves against poison.

Memory of Life. Awakened undead still resemble their previous, living selves. Choose one trait other than Age, Size, and Speed from the ancestry you had prior to being awakened.

Undead Form. Awakened undead may be sentient people, but they are still dead flesh. As such, they no longer need sleep, food or drink, or even air to breathe.

Cultural Traits

Awakened undead adopt whatever culture they were members of before death.

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