Behirborn are humanoids descended from the monstrosity known as the behir, a twelve limbed, blue, lightning breathing serpent foe of the dragons. The gods of the giants, seeing that the draconic gods had created the dragonborn, would not be outdone. And so the behirborn were made.

The wars between giants and dragons having long since simmered down to mere animosity, behirborn find themselves in the world free to live their lives as they please.

Ancestral Traits

Behirborn are humanoid, with blue skin and small horns, but no hair. They have long torsos with four equally strong arms, as well as sharp claws and lightning breath. They usually have smooth scales and a serpentine tail as well. Behirborn have certain traits.

Age. Behirborn are born from soft-shelled eggs and mature at the same rate as humans, though they live a bit longer, to at least 120.

Size. Behirborn are slender and tall, though roughly the same size and weight as humans. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base speed is 30 feet. You have a climbing speed of 20 feet.

Four-Armed. Behir often have ten to twelve limbs along their long, serpentine body, but behirborn only have six – four arms and two legs. Having four arms allows you to wield multiple weapons or have an extra hand to cast the somatic component of a spell, though they do not grant additional attacks. You can take the Use An Object action as a bonus action.

Climbing Claws. Behirborn have sharp talons on the fingers of their four arms that allow them to make unarmed strikes as well as to climb more efficiently. You have a base climbing speed of 20 feet. You can also scratch as an unarmed strike. On a hit, you deal slashing damage equal to 1d4 + your Strength modifier.

Lightning Breath. Behirborn can make a breath weapon attack, shooting lightning in a 5-foot-wide, 30-foot-long line. When you use your breath weapon, each creature in the area of the exhalation must make a saving throw. The DC for this saving throw equals 8 + your Constitution modifier + your proficiency bonus. A creature takes 2d6 lightning damage on a failed save, and half as much damage on a successful one. The damage increases to 3d6 at 6th level, 4d6 at 11th level, and 5d6 at 16th level. After you use your breath weapon, you can’t use it again until you complete a short or long rest.

Cultural Traits

Behirborn communities are most often found in mountainous regions or in caverns underground, though they are few. These communities have oral traditions that relate their origins and the tales of the wars between the dragons and the giants. Most often, these tales depict the giants as the protagonists, though many folks in behirborn communities understand the bias implicit in their old tales. Behirborn community traditions often include athletic competitions, especially wrestling, at which they excel. Perhaps as a result of their giant origins, behirborn communities tend to be hierarchical as well. Folks who grow up in behirborn communities tend to have certain traits.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2 and your Wisdom by 1.

Alignment. Those who grow up in behirborn communities are taught traditions of respecting elders and social rank based on merit and strength. As such, these communities tend toward law.

Lore of the Dragons and Giants. You have heard the tales a thousand times and know more than most of the lives of giants and dragons. You have proficiency in History. When you roll history to recall lore about giants or dragons, you roll with advantage.

Wrestler. Those who live in behirborn communities often take part in regular wrestling competitions. You have proficiency in Athletics.

Languages. You speak, read, and write Common and Giant.

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