Some claim this race of sentient tree-like entities are created when fey magic mixes with the natural surroundings of the Material Plane. Others believe they are creations produced by experimentation on unwilling humans by fey magics from an era long since past. Either way, they are a relatively unknown race that prefers to stay hidden in a space between the Material Plane and the Feywild, living with one foot in each but not truly a part of either. While the majority of these creatures prefer to settle quickly in their surroundings finding comfort from what is readily familiar, there are a small few who prefer to branch out and find new lands to explore.

Briarlings are a race without gender, making pairing and mating a unique ritual for their kind. After choosing a mate, they co-pollinate when strong feelings cause the respective members to bloom bright foliage over their forms. The result is a large fruit that will gestate over a period of one to three months after which it can be planted in fertile soil. Given some time, the seed will begin to breach the earth producing a young briarling bearing the markings of its two parents. It is theorized that the type of soil the seed is planted in could affect the briarling’s genetic makeup.

Briarling Traits

Your fey heritage brings you close to nature making you feel more at home in the surrounding forest. Your briarling has an assortment of inborn abilities brought on from their natural heritage.

Ability Score Increase: Your Wisdom score increases by 2 and your Constitution score increases by 1.

Age: Briarlings reach maturity by the age of 40 and tend to live between 600-700 years, though in rare cases it is said that they can live nearly double that.

Alignment: Briarlings tend to gravitate towards neutral alignments reflecting the true spirit of nature itself. They also tend to lean more towards good, viewing life as a sacred right that must be nourished.

Size: Briarlings stand between 7 to 8 feet tall with their dense frame usually weighing around 300 pounds. Your size is Medium.

Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Berrymore: Briarlings naturally grow a certain amount of goodberries from their branches daily. The amount of goodberries is equal to 5 x your Constitution Modifier with a minimum of 1. After the berries have been consumed, the branches will remain bare until the next day. Any unused berries will fall from the branches and lose their magic at the end of of the day.

Kindling: Because the briarling’s body is made of wood, it has a vulnerability to fire damage.

Thick Hide: Because of their toughened bark exterior, briarlings have resistance to bludgeoning damage from non-magical weapons.

Tool Proficiencies: You gain proficiency with the Herbalism Kit.

Natureborn: Whenever you make an Intelligence (nature) check related to identifying plant life, you are considered proficient in the nature skill. If you are already proficient in the nature skill you can double your proficiency for this check.

Life Within: When a briarling dies from nonnatural causes, as long as the body is still intact, there is a 15% chance it can absorb life energy from nature, magically bringing it back from the dead in 1d10 days.

Languages: You speak, read, and write Common and Sylvan. Briarlings tend to flit through nature with positive attitudes. Their demeanors tend to be noticeable in their speech, flowing with a calming and upbeat pattern.

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