Bunnygirls are a race of female creatures who have somehow managed to survive in spite of their sometimes awkward and clumsy behavior.

No one has seen the males of the species though the bunnygirls insist that they do exist.

However, their amorous advances towards males of other species seems to indicate that they might not be speaking the truth. What is known is that bunnygirls make an impact, both visual and emotional, whereever they go.

A Bounce and a Smile

Bunnygirls vary in size from 4 to 7 feet. Outliers like those are rare however, and most will be around 5 feet tall, and weigh 90-100 pounds. Again variations exist, but due to the unique physiology of bunnygirls, any extra weight tends to be carried around the bosom, hips, or behind. Hair styles for bunnygirls varies as widely as that of humans, as does haircolor, but common to all bunnygirls is the fluffy tail, which is always white. It varies in size with the size of the behind, with those having a larger rear, also tending to have a bigger tail.

Bunnygirls are considered to be attractive by almost all humanoid races, which is partly due their appearance, but also due to a unique musk that they release whenever they’re around other creatures. This musk tends to drive other creatures to irrational behavior with males courting the bunnygirls, and females plotting to get rid of the bunnygirls – more in a manner that they feel threatened by the presence of the bunnygirl and the effect she’ll have on any relationship that the female has, more so than a physical threat. As such it rarely comes to true violence, though fisticuffs may occur. (Usually much to the delight of any nearby males, as the bunnygirl invariably gets tangled up in almost impossible positions by the other female).

Bunnygirls procreate in a similar manner to other mammals, though curiously they bear both live young and lay eggs.

Every other birth for the bunnygirls is an egg, from which hatches another bunnygirl, while the live young are always males of the same species as the father. Bunnygirls go through pregnancy much faster than similar sized humanoids, and from conception until birth is only 3 months, though they otherwise mature at a similar rate to humans – bunnygirls do like large families however, and often give birth to 3-5 young at once. Bunnygirls have a hard time controlling themselves during mating season which happens for about 10 days every month. In that time, any male that they’re interested in will find themselves hunted or shadowed by the bunnygirl, and will often find that they will have absolutely no peace from their tormentor, often finding that even the normal privacy of a bath or a locked bedroom is no match for the eagerness of the bunnygirl.

It is hotly debated as to whether males who have been hunted in this manner consider this to be a problem or not, but the females who’re under the effects of the bunnygirl’s musk certainly do not consider it an advantage, and will go to great lengths to prevent the bunnygirl from intruding into the male’s privacy, often going so far as to attempt a “preventative infiltration” and getting into the male’s quarters first.

A Hop and a Drop

The origins of bunnygirls go far back, as far as humanity has been able to draw an illustration at the very least. Some believe that they’re related to the creature sometimes referred to as the Easter Bunny, though the bunnygirls themselves have dismissed this claim.

They claim that their story starts in “The Great Carrot Field”, where everyone lived happily together, bunnygirls and bunnyboys, and everything was perfection. But one day, the carrots disappeared, and all the bunnyboys went looking for the missing carrots, the very essence of life to the bunnyfolk.

During their quest, the bunnyboys got sidetracked, and mysteriously disappeared, at the hands of the evil F. Armor.

The bunnygirls banded together, strapping on weapons and armor to defeat this evil villain, and they were succesful, but it was too late. The bunnyboys were lost, perhaps irrevocably.

The girls decided to find out what had happened to them, and so they set out into the world, on a grand series of misadventure, but it wasn’t long before, due to various mishaps, accidents, and undisclosed plot holes, that they were all separated from one another. This is also where they found out that other humanoids were attracted to them, as several of them stumbled or fell through a series of magical portals, and ended up in other worlds – usually landing on top of some unsuspecting prospective mate, whether male or female.

Now, some have settled down with mates and had families, while others have set out to make their mark upon the world, and perhaps discover what happened to the lost bunnyboys.

And if not, as least they’ll have a series of (mis)adventures and stories to tell when they return home.

Fields of Fortune

Bunnygirls naturally belong on tilled soil, and do not generally do too well in the wilderness, as they’re far too flighty and airheaded for hunting, but something about farming and the routine required to do so seems to soothe their minds, and they’re remarkably good farmers, often getting far more from the land than their neighbors – at least if those working with them can get them to focus on something other than farming carrots and cabbage.

Away from the field most bunnygirls prefer civilization. They like the throng of people and the movement off the multitudes, with some claiming that it reminds them of the large families that they have at home. Those who live in towns try to find ways of supporting themselves, working as tailors, maids, and barmaids. While they often get into trouble with whatever work they do, they’re usually considered to be charming and sweet enough that their foibles get overlooked. In fact, they tend to be the most popular employees in places that cater to large crowds, like inns, taverns, festhalls, and theaters.

While they’re among others, bunnygirls look for the “One True Love”. All bunnygirls have an unfailing belief that there is one particular mate waiting for all of them, whether male or female, and that given time they will all find that person. It is merely a matter of time, as destiny cannot be denied.

Joy and Excitement

Bunnygirls adventure for two things: To find their “One True Love”, which they believe is inevitable, and the other is their love of excitement and change. They want to see the ENTIRE WORLD before they retire to a farm somewhere with their beloved. Many find that their unique knack for getting into trouble means that they fit well with most adventuring groups, as they also have a similar knack for finding trouble.

Being with the adventurers means that the bunnygirls also have a chance to fix these very troubles, and make the world a better place. Their companions might not always agree on the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the bunnygirl’s methods, but they cannot doubt their good intentions.

Often the bunnygirls, due to their natural charm and the musk they exude, end up being the face of an adventuring group, as most people naturally tend to like them, finding their high spirits and cheerfulness to be contagious.

Bunnygirl Names

Bunnygirl use only one name at a time, though some might use a surname, usually tied to some ability or incident that they had in their childhood. Their names vary with the culture with which each bunnygirl was raised, often the ones from the father, as the bunnygirls often forget their own traditions or defer to those of the father, as they tend to be more established. Some bunnygirls, those with even bigger family attachment than normal for their kind, take their father’s surname. This sometimes means that bunnygirls end up with names from dwarven, elven, or other culture. There seems to be no real limitation as to who can become the bunnygirl’s “One True Love”.

Common Names: Aoi, Erza, Hanabi, Kallen, Momo, Raine, and Yakumo.

Height & Weight

Race Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight (lbs.) Weight Modifier
Bunnygirl 4’6″ +2d6 40 x(2d6)

Relations with other Races

Dwarves. Dwarves have a bit of a hard time understanding the bunnygirls. Their tendency to create havoc wherever they go is a liability in an industrious society like that of most dwarves. Still, they find the bunnygirls to be charming, and many of them find gainful employment with the dwarves, serving as helpers, messengers, and barmaids. The bunnygirls tend to find the dwarves to be stoic, strong, and dependable – good friends once you can get past their grumpy demeanor.

Elves. Elves like the bunnygirls, finding their carefree nature to be one that they can relate to. Their focus on finding their “One True Love” is a bit perplexing to the elves though, when combined with the bunnygirls acceptance and concept of fate. They’re personable though, and the elves go out of their way to try and mitigate the disasters that the bunnygirls inevitably cause. The bunnygirls like the elves as well, and appreciate them covering for their shortcomings.

Halflings. Halflings and bunnygirls share their home-areas most of the time, with both of them tilling the fields and often living in small underground houses and lairs. The halflings see the bunnygirls as their “weird cousins”. They have many things in common, but the penchant for clumsiness that’s often exhibited by the bunnygirls can be frustrating to even the most patient halfling. Thankfully the bunnygirls make up for it with their charm and personable mannerisms. The bunnygirls for their part like the halflings like them as well, finding their carefree manner to be endearing. The fact that they make everywhere feel like “home” to the bunnygirls is deeply appreciated as well.

Humans. Humans like bunnygirls, partially due to the musk, but most find them to be physically attractive. They’re the ones who are most likely to be living with the bunnygirls, as they’re almost as profilic as the bunnyfolks themselves. Humans often take the bunnygirls in, giving them work and helping them find shelter in their towns. Bunnygirls find humans endlessly fascinating. No other race has as much sheer variation of form and color, at least not one that is encountered often. They spend their time with them as much as possible, especially those of an adventuring bent.

Bunnygirl Traits

Bunnygirls have a number of traits in common with each other.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 2, and your Dexterity score increases by 1.

Age. Bunnygirls have a similar length of life to that of humans, and reach the age of maturity at the age of 18. They live to be around 80 years old, againg at a similar rate as a human.

Alignment. Bunnygirls are built for chaos. They have very little respect for any rules or laws, and believe that while tradition can be of use, it’s not something to be tied down by. They believe that everyone should be given the time of day and that all creatures should be treated well. As such they’re normally chaotic good.

Size. Bunnygirls stand an average of 5 feet tall and weight approximately 90 pounds. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Bunnygirl Musk. You exude a musk that makes others more pliable. You gain advantage on all Deception and Persuasion checks. When interacting with someone who is female, you must make a Charisma check, with a DC equal to 8 + their Wisdom modfier. Failure means that they consider you a rival, and may take irrational actions to hinder you.

Skimpy Armor. Bunnygirls wear little in the way of armor, eschewing it as much as possible. Bunnygirls can wear armor, but do not have proficiency in any of them. When not wearing armor, you double your Dexterity bonus for the purposes of determining your armor class. I.e. if your Dexterity bonus is normally +2, it is +4 for the purposes of determining armor class. When wearing armor, you reduce this bonus by 2 for every point of armor above 11. I.e. if you’re wearing studded leather (Armor Class 12, your bonus is reduced by 2 – so to continue the previous example, your bonus would go back to +2 from +4).

Walking Disaster. Bunnygirls have a penchant for getting into and out of trouble. As a reaction, when you have to make a Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution save, you can choose to gain advantage of it. If you do, you automatically get disadvantage on your next saving throw. You can use this ability twice in a row (i.e. getting advantage on a saving throw twice, before getting disadvantage), but if you do so, you automatically fail your next saving throw.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, and one more language of your choice.

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