Courtfolk Halfling

No creature epitomizes the art of graceful service like the courtfolk, an accomplishment these halflings take with great (but quiet) pride. Courtfolk are defined by their dedication and deference to great courts, particularly elven courts. Their complexion is usually pale and freckled with light-colored eyes and curly mops of hair. They prefer neat, well-tailored clothing with touches of courtly inspiration without ever descending into gaudy imitation. Colors are pastel or forest tones and muted, befitting a servant, but never drab. Courtfolk are not motivated by material wealth or luxury, finding genuine contentment in simple things, but what they do keep, they desire to be of fine quality. They take pains to care for their clothing, family heirlooms, musical instruments, work implements, and other valued possessions.

Courtfolk maintain servitude was never forced upon them but freely chosen, even though many courtfolk no longer serve. This belief, true or not, gives them a sense of agency and relevance to their servitude. The profound delight the courtfolk derive from being of service to others and in performing a job well stems from knowing they have controlled their destiny.

Service is an honor to the courtfolk, and service comes to them out of compassion rather than fear or awe (although certainly individual courtfolk may come to fear or worship their masters based on treatment).

The courtfolk adventurer is a courtfolk who no longer serves or whose family no longer serves. Such adventurers tend to be motivated by one of two things: loyalty to an ally or generating money to look after their families. A courtfolk is a dauntless ally and comrade-in-arms and never aims to steal the credit for their friends’ derring-do. Their loyalty and practicality make them faithful companions in the heart of a dungeon as much as an intrigue-steeped noble court.

Courtfolk Names

Due to their ancient connection with elven courts, courtfolk names have an obvious elven influence.

Their given names have a notably softer and lilting flair than other halflings. Family names are borrowed from the common names of the elf or elven court that the family’s ancestors first served as vassals, and these names are prefixed by “of,” such as Andra of Night.

Male Names: Adan, Alis, Aran, Aus, Berri, Carr, Darris, Errian, Ervio, Galin, Immerin, Ivello, Luc, Pael, Perin, Rai, Ral, Ren, Rian, Soven, Taris, Tham, Thel, Van, Varr.

Female Names: Adie, Annas, Andra, Bethry, Cae, Dania, Elle, Felosa, Jelen, Keyle, Lathe, Lea, Merri, Mia, Naia, Netha, Phia, Quilla, Rynn, Shanna, Silla, Thea, Valla, Vara, Xan.

Family Names: Autumn, Brooks, Chase, Dances, Eyes, Flower, Gem, Hawk, Journey, Keys, Leaf, Moon, Night, Oak, Petals, Quick, River, Stars, Tower, Vale, Whisper, Young.

Courtfolk Traits

You are a halfling raised in a life of service or raised by parents who spent a life in service. Though you no longer serve another, you inherited some magical talents from your family’s ancestral patrons.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.

Age. Courtfolk are the longest-lived of the halfling subraces, perhaps owing to their close association with elves. Courtfolk are elderly by their second century but enjoy relatively pleasant and unhindered old age up to 350, a century longer than most halflings.

Boon Companion. You are quick to step in and help your friends, and you have a knack for knowing exactly how best to do it. When you work with an ally to complete a task or take the Help action in combat, your ally adds a d4 to their check or attack roll.

Wee Glamour. You are—ever so slightly—imbued with a bit of elven magic. You move with grace, your laugh is always pleasant, and colors are more vibrant on you. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed and on saving throws against spells of the enchantment school.

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