The crystar are crystalline constructs made by ancient elves. Created by ancient elven wizards for some purpose lost to time, the crystar are made of a glassy crystal material. Their shape resembles an elf, though their exact appearance can vary. Some are taller than elves and thinner, whereas others appear broader and than elves, resembling humans.

Their glassy bodies are delicate and translucent, with swirling colors dancing across their form.

Ancestral Traits

Your crystar character has several distinctive traits, thanks to your crystalline ancestry.

Age. The crystar are all thousands of years old with no new members being added to their ancestry for centuries. Their lifespan extends as long as their crystal form remains intact.

Size. The crystar are from 5 to 7 feet tall, weighing less than most creatures their size due to their delicate crystalline bodies. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base speed is 30 feet.

Constructed Form. Because you are not a living creature of flesh and blood, you have advantage on saving throws against being poisoned, and you have resistance to poison damage. You need neither food, nor drink, nor air, nor sleep, and you cannot catch a disease.

Translucence. Crystar bodies allow light to pass through and, unless someone looks carefully, they might not notice a crystar from a distance. You have advantage on Stealth checks that rely on not being seen.

Cultural Traits

The Crystar have very few opportunities to form communities, as there are so very few of them in existence. Even so, small enclaves have existed, and often end up inviting others to live among them as well.

Among these groups, the crystar share their knowledge of magic and history, having lived for so very long.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 2 and your Intelligence by 1.

Alignment. Crystar communities are calm and contemplative, yet they do not enforce rules on each other or expect others to do so either. As such, they tend toward chaos.

Crystalline Magic. You know the mending cantrip. When you reach 3rd level, you can cast the color spray spell once with this trait, without requiring the material component, and regain the ability to do so when you finish a long rest. When you reach 5th level, you can cast the enthrall spell once with this trait and regain the ability to do so when you finish a long rest. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Historians. You have proficiency in the History skill.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Elven.

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