Diamoraks are one of the most strange and unusual creatures that dwell in Zikkaria. It has the shape of a humanoid, but instead of having flesh, is made up of a diamond-like composition. The history of the diamoraks has been passed on through the songs of minstrels. The first diamorak was created during the GorKan wars for control of the Skorvian Desert. Two competing wizards cast their most powerful magic spells against each other simultaneously. The combined might of both these wizards’ spells caused a rife in the Magical Weave. This rift unleashed uncontrollable energy which combined with the intense heat of Morbius’ firelance spell with Valandra’s metamorphosis spell to create the phenomena known as transmutatis. Both wizards were transformed by an infusion of errant magical energy and the surrounding black sand in a strange new form that later would be called a diamorak. A diamorak, being a product of the desert is able to join with the surrounding sand to give itself added protection in desert terrain.

Diamoraks have no family to speak of, so they use single names to identify themselves, with a qualifier based on the flaws in their diamond structure.

Male Names: Bem, Bhegno, Boddu, Daum, Druhn, Ghok, Gogmuhm, Grugvoc, Vugglahn, Zuc.

Female Names: Bhamm, Bomm, Dezzla, Dhalva, Dhorge, Gholgrohk, Khahn, Rhuzgu, Vommm Zehn

Family Names: Bearding, Cavity, Chip, Cloud, Crystal, Feather, Graining, Lines, Needle, Pinpoints, Polish, Scratch, Twining, Wisp.


  • Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2 and your Strength score increases by 1.
  • Age. A typical diamorak is between two and thirty years old. The maximum lifespan of the diamorak remains a mystery; so far, diamorak have shown no signs of deterioration due to age.
  • Alignment. Most diamorak think of themselves first, others second, leaning towards neutral.
  • Diamond Armor. Your skin is diamond-strong, bestowing an AC of 16 + your proficiency bonus (if you have the heavy armor proficiency). You have disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks. You gain no benefit from wearing armor, but if you are using a shield, you apply its bonus as normal.
  • Diamond Reflection. You have resistance to radiant damage.
  • Diamorak Resilience. Your diamond structure gives you the following benefits: You have advantage on saving throws against being poisoned, and you have resistance to poison damage; You are immune to disease; You don’t need to eat, drink, or breathe.
  • Languages. You can speak Common.
  • Size. Your size is Medium. Most diamorak stand between 5 and 6 1/2 feet tall.
  • Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
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