Dvergr are subterranean dwarves that spend most of their time building massive cities and sealing off passages to the surface. They are isolationists that seek little or no contact with peoples outside of the Underworld; preserving a rich cultural heritage unspoiled by upperworlders is a dvergr’s way of life.

Physical Description

For the most part, dvergr look similar to their cousins the dweorg; they are uniformly between four and five feet tall, with stout shoulders and equally powerful frames.

Unlike their kin the dvergr’s hair is typically white or light grey, which contrasts greatly with their skin (which can be as black as night or any shade of grey). It is rare to see a dvergr with freshly made equipment; their devotion to tradition and stubborn unwillingness don’t allow them to let go of goods they treasure, no matter how worn they might be. That said, their armors, clothing and weapons are always of exceptional quality, though they chiefly favor the hammers, axes and heavy mail-suits of their forefathers.


The way of life for the first dwarves is one of preservation; a dvergr’s entire existence might well be devoted to nothing but recording the legacy of their clan in the enduring medium of stone. Each city has multiple institutions devoted to the mastery of mining or engineering, and every great clan employs countless historians that meticulously record the goings on of their city with unmatched resolve. Outsiders-if they are tolerated at all (which is a rare occurrence at best)-are not treated kindly, either being ignored or even jeered at for their intrusion to the sacred grounds of the dvergr. Between themselves the sullen dwarves aren’t much kinder-their societies leave little patience for one another and competition is fiercely enforced.

Craftsmanship in construction is valued only as highly as properly recording a great dvergr deed or accomplishment, and their wondrous cities rival the greatest architectural achievement across the planes.


The dvergr do not get along with each other very well and are even worse when other races are concerned. On the rare occasion that a first dwarf agrees to an alliance or takes another into their heart, they start a companionship that can easily last a lifetime (and sometimes even longer). Gruff, stubborn, devoted to tradition, and proud historians, the dvergr are dependable and trustworthy, even if they can at times be difficult to tolerate or work with. They have little mirth and are known for their unwillingness let go of a grudge.

Alignment and Religion

Dvergr are predominantly Lawful Neutral and oddly, atheistic. This is not to say that they do not believe in the gods-their presence is not at all in question-but rather that they do not accept them or their place in the cosmos. The first dwarves’ reluctance to resolve being wronged persists and they remain staunchly disowned by the divine. Clerics among the dvergr are rare; those with a devout nature become druids instead.


It is not unheard of for a dvergr to permanently leave their city, but it’s rare thing all the same when they do. The entire settlement gathers to bless an outgoing expedition and pay their respects, as it isn’t uncommon for exploratory parties to never return-for dvergr that wish to see the world beyond their home, this is the chief means to do so. Dvergr adventurers always leave their cities equipped well enough to near the surface or any of the main byways of the Underworld, and should they disappear during the journey, there is only a minimal investigation as the core group moves on to continue surveying or sealing the caves. While some take easily to spellcasting, few of these follow divine paths and most dvergr become talented fighters, learned rangers or cunning rogues.


Male Names: Alviss, Brokkr, Dain, Fafnir, Galar, Otr

Female Names: Brigida, Edda, Flinna, Hildr, Nefja, Ragna

Age While one might expect the isolationist dvergr to have longer life spans than their dweorg cousins, constant excavations throughout the Underworld expose their undercities to some potent and dangerous substances. They live slightly shorter lives as a result.

Dvergr Traits

As a dvergr, you belong to the staunch “proper” dwarven subrace-at least from your perspective.

You tend to have a no-nonsense attitude towards life and adventuring-a hard shell hiding a hard core.

Those bonds you do forge, however, tend to last forever, unyielding as the precious ores you bend to your will. You have all the standard dwarf traits, but replace Dwarven Combat Training with Dvergr Combat Training.

  • Dvergr Combat Training. You have proficiency with the throwing hammer, warhammer, war picks and hand crossbows. Additionally, you have the following dvergr subrace traits.
  • Dvergr Vanishing. You can cast the invisibility spell once per day. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for this spell and you require only verbal components to cast it.
  • Enlarge (Recharges after a Short or Long Rest). For 1 minute, you magically increase in size, along with any objects you are wearing or carrying. While enlarged, you are Large, double your damage dice on Strength-based weapon attacks and make Strength checks and Strength saving throws with advantage. If you lack the room to become Large, you attain the maximum size possible in the space available.
  • Sunlight Sensitivity. While in sunlight, you have disadvantage on attack rolls as well as on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight.
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