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Dwarf, Sand

Sand dwarves are an offshoot of the dwarven race that spent millennia in their desert homes. They have no kingdoms, preferring to live in small clans that dig deep under the desert sands in a constant quest for water and wealth. The two are intricately linked, the most common greeting is, “have you had water today?” and a true sign of wealth is to have soft plush skin.

Water is Life

Water is everything in the desert. Their bodies are thin by dwarven standards, largely because water is the basis of their economy thus many drink as little as possible. Each family in the clan has its ancestral cistern that it guards as closely as other dwarves guard their gold. Transactions are conducted through water stones; small carven stones each worth one cup of water. This wealth of water is often traded to outsiders, though never in a quantity that endangers the clan.

Desert Adapted

The sand dwarves have a desiccated, even dry appearance. Their skin tends to hang in folds and their eyes are bloodshot. When they have enough water they are as robust as their dwarven brethren and can swell to three or even four times their normal size if given free access to unlimited water supplies, but most prefer to carefully ration their water. Their clan holds lie deep under the sands in bedrock and often are situated near underground water supplies. Where other dwarves tunnel with pick axe through stone, they have evolved scoop like hands and feet that allow them to move loose sand with ease.

Standard Racial Traits

  • Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increase by 1.
  • Burrowing. You can use your scoop like hands and training to move through sand and loose soil with ease. You have a burrow speed on 15 feet.
  • Desert Weapon Training. The sand dwarves do not dig as deeply as their brethren do and must often face down foes on the desert surface. You are proficient with the light crossbow, heavy crossbow, axe, and battleaxe.
  • Sandcunning. Your life has been spent beneath the desert sands. While your clan dwells in the deep bedrock, you still have to pass form there to the surface and negotiate the shifting terrain of the open desert. Whenever you make a Wisdom (Survival) check that relates to desert conditions, stability of sand formations, or finding water you are considered proficient in the skill and may add your proficiency bonus twice to the roll.
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