Dwarf, Stone

Stone dwarves are a race of arms-merchants and mercenaries.

Taciturn and hardworking to a fault, dwarves are difficult to befriend—but if one is fortunate enough to win a dwarf’s friendship, he will find that a dwarf is a friend of exceptional loyalty and generosity.

Stone dwarves are a subrace not found in other worlds. In addition to the racial characteristics common to all dwarves, stone dwarves have the following traits.

Racial Traits

  • Ability Scores: +1 Strength or +1 Wisdom.
  • Alignment: Stone dwarves are calculating and mercenary; they rarely act outside of their own self-interest. However, they understand that dealing unfairly with others is likely to be bad for business in the long run. As a result, they tend toward neutral alignments.
  • Secret of Steel: After purchasing starting equipment, choose one of the character’s items (armor, shield, or weapon). That item is made of superior dwarven steel, and is treated as a magic item with a +1 bonus. If the item is lost or destroyed, it can be replaced the next time the dwarf character returns to his or her homeland, or gains a level. If the character is 10th level or higher, the item has a +2 bonus.
  • Languages: Stone dwarves speak Dwarven and Low Atlantean (the common tongue). They may or may not be literate (see Character Class and Literacy, later in this chapter).
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