Elf, NÛKlander

The Nuklanders are a different race than the human Northlanders, a race that foreigners would describe as elven. The average Nûklander is short, slender of build, and dark of skin and hair. They have long faces with small, broad noses, pointed ears, and eyes possessing slightly folded lids. Nûklanders have a second eyelid that seems to serve to protect the eye from the sun and cold, but also gives them the look of perpetually staring (Nûklander rarely blink).

Used to the Cold

Despite their slight build, Nûklander do not suffer from the great cold of their icy homeland, indeed, they tend to not feel the cold at all. This is because of the Heart Glow, an inherently magical feature of the Nûklander, and a major part of their history as a people. The Heart Glow acts to constantly warm Nûklander from the inside. Every Nûklander is born with the Heart Glow and loses it when they die. Normally the Heart Glow cannot be seen, but it can be felt through the Nûklander’s skin as distinct warmth. When emotionally moved, the Heart Glow can be seen through a Nûklander’s chest, the level of radiance increasing with the strength of the emotion. Each Nûklander emotional response, and thus the light of their Heart Glows, varies, but is normally love, anger, appreciation of beauty, shame, sorrow, rage, or in some rare cases, lust and greed (Nûklander PCs should list two or more emotions that cause their Heart Glow to light up).

People of the Reindeer

The Nûklander are hunters and herders of reindeer, supplementing their diet with wild gathered plants. They are nomadic, traveling as far south as Three Rivers in the winter and heading to the edge of the Endless Glacier in the summer. In addition to providing food and hides, their reindeer are also used as mounts and beasts of burden. Many of the tribes follow a migration route that takes them along the coast, and there they prey on seals, walruses, and other sea life that spends its summer on land.

Standard Racial Traits

  • Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1.
  • Speed. Your speed is 40 ft and you are not hampered by difficult terrain caused by snow or ice.
  • Nûk War Training. You are proficient with scimitars, short bows, and spears, and with riding reindeer.
  • Hunter. You have proficiency in Survival and Stealth.
  • Used to the Cold. You are resistant to cold damage.
  • Languages. You speak Nûklander and Nørsk. There is a no written form of Nûklander.
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