Entropians are humans with a being of pure chaos in their ancestry. Neither demon nor angel, this otherworldly influence walks the balance between the two, favoring pure chaos in all its instantiations.

This is not to say entropians serve pure chaos, however. Just as tieflings have infernal heritage yet may be good or evil as they choose, so too may entropians walk the path of law or chaos.

Ancestral Traits

Entropians appear as humans with a subtle shroud of swirling shadow that encompasses them. This shroud is only easily visible in daylight, though some people report feeling unsettled when within close proximity to a person of entropian ancestry.

Entropians also have no pupils in their eyes; instead, their whole eye is solid gray, with the appearance of swirling mists. Your entropian character has several distinctive traits, thanks to your chaotic ancestry.

Age. Entropians have highly variable lifespans, with some reaching adulthood as young as 15 and others not until 30. Most entropians have a lifespan of a century, but a few live much longer.

Size. Entropians are human in size. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base speed is 30 feet.

Legacy of Chaos. Entropians carry a small fragment of chaotic nature with them. On any Attack roll, Ability Check, or Saving Throw, you can choose to tap the ebb and flow of chaos within you. When you do so, gray mists swirl and spiral out from you. Roll 1d6. If the number is even, add it to your roll. If the number is odd, subtract it. You may choose to tap your chaos after you have made the roll, but before the DM has determined the result. You must keep the resulting roll. You may use this trait a number of times equal to your Charisma modifier. When you finish a long rest, you regain all expended uses.

Cultural Traits

Because entropians can be counted on to try anything once, they have formed communities at times. Indeed, a few have even persisted, though that is often through the efforts of those of other ancestries who live in them. Entropian communities are disorganized and unpredictable places by design, with homes built all ajumble, stores opening and closing at odd hours, and any number of custom coming and going in the course of a year. When several members of an entropian community feel that it is an appropriate time, they call for a celebration. Should the majority of the community agree, they hold their seasonal holiday. These festivals are different every year, but they are always interesting.

Ability Score Increase. Three of your ability scores of your choice each increase by 1.

Alignment. Though not all members of entropian society are chaotic, most assuredly are.

Chaos Magic. Entropian communities channel chaotic magics from their ancestral planes, which allows them to utilize magical talents. You know the guidance cantrip. When you reach 3rd level, you can cast the fog cloud spell once with this trait. When you reach 5th level, you can cast the misty step spell once with this trait. You regain the ability to cast these spells when you finish a long rest. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these spells.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.

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