Flesh Construct

Flesh constructs are flesh golems endowed with true life and sentience. Flesh constructs are created through magical means, beginning their lives in a necromancer’s lab. In most cases when a wizard creates a flesh golem, the resulting creature awakes without selfconsciousness, being no more than crudely animated flesh. In a few rare cases, however, the creature that awakes is self-aware, though often they begin their new existences like a child and must learn what it means to exist just as any other self-aware being must.

Ancestral Traits

Flesh constructs are humanoids in shape and size, but made of pieces of other humanoids sewn together and endowed with life through magic. They resemble a human sized flesh golem, but with an awareness in their eyes, indicating their intelligence. Each flesh construct is unique, a product of the amalgam of creatures that went into creating them. Your flesh construct character has several distinctive traits, thanks to being a your being made, not born.

Age. Constructs are created in their mature forms and remain that way indefinitely, eventually breaking down after many centuries.

Size. Most often, such amalgams of other creatures only manage to reach self-awareness when they have been built in a form that most resembles the original existence of their constituent parts. Thus, flesh constructs are almost always smaller than their flesh golem counterparts. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base speed is 30 feet.

Reanimated. Flesh constructs are dead flesh reanimated by magic. Due to this nature, you have advantage on saving throws against being poisoned, and you have resistance to poison and lightning damage. Also, you need neither food, nor drink, nor air, and you cannot catch a disease. Despite your undead origin, your creature type is still humanoid, thanks to the fact that you possess a soul and are truly alive.

Cultural Traits

Flesh constructs begin their existences in the cultures of those wizards who have created them. Thus, many become a part of those cultures. Occasionally, however, flesh constructs leave the culture of their makers and forge their own path. And rarely, they join with other flesh constructs to try to create their own communities.

Such places are locations of self-cultivation and experimentation, in which members explore a variety of different experiences.

Ability Score Increase. You may increase any three ability scores each by 1 point.

Alignment. Flesh construct communities tend to value self-expression and individuality. As such, they tend toward chaos and neutrality.

Dilletante. You are proficient in one skill and with one tool of your choice.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice, most likely of the culture in which you were created.

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