There are many stories of powerful genies, efreet, and djinn trapped in magical objects or locations throughout the world, resenting every moment of their imprisonment while powerless to change their circumstance. These geniekin are typically bound to service by powerful spellcasters who seek to leverage the genie’s power to grant wishes. However, there are times when, someone stumbles upon an imprisoned genie and is not immediately blinded by their own greed or dreams of power. They sympathize with the genie’s plight, and they end up romantically attached to the genie and free them. These romances sometimes lead to the creation of geniekin, who are infused with wish-granting magic at their birth.

Geniekin have distinct and unusual looks: often expressing the physical form of their mortal parent in skin and hair color, with the eye color of their genie parent. For example, the offspring of a mortal dwarf and an elemental dao will look like a dwarf with stony skin, glowing eyes, and dark, earth-colored hair. Likewise, geniekin born to an efreet parent have red skin and either no hair or fiery orange tresses. Those born to djinn have blue skin and crimson red eyes, and those born to marids have green skin and white eyes.

As the offspring of powerful and free genies, one might expect geniekin to be closely bound to their parents. However, long-imprisoned genies often choose to leave the mortal world as soon as they can for fear of being trapped and bound by another spellcaster. The brutal truth is most genies disappear in the middle of the night long before any progeny appears and may not even know geniekin exist.

There are genies, however, who take a more active role in the raising of their offspring. They remain until their child is born before presenting their lover with a choice: the child can be raised among their mortal kin or amongst genies as royalty. Geniekin who are brought to an Elemental Plane usually want for nothing throughout life. Though they are not treated as full-blooded genies, they are treated well enough due to their powerful parent.

Djinn tend to respect the wishes of their lovers and abide by them whichever choice is made. They may then disguise themselves to observe and guide their children on life’s path.

Efreet are more arrogant and may kidnap geniekin back to their home plane to be raised as the nobility of the elemental Planes.

Regardless of how they are raised, geniekin quickly learn that they have a penchant for wish-granting magic. Among those living in the same community, many offer rewards to geniekin to act as mercenaries. They hope to take advantage of the geniekin’s unique magic in combat or other sticky situations.

Geniekin are community-focused: their powers lend themselves to aiding others in achieving their goals and desires. The powers geniekin manifest warp reality in granting the wishes of petitioners. Each time they do so, a small portion of the geniekin’s magical potential mingles with the desires of the petitioner, combining to create the desired effect. So long as a petitioner manifests its desires, the geniekin can act using their magic.


The geniekin are adept at magic use from birth, and are able to use the abilities from their genie ancestor in order to aid those around them or gain protections that would otherwise be impossible.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 2.

Age. Geniekin live approximately twice as long as their humanoid parents as a result of their genie lineage.

Alignment. Most geniekin have the same alignment as the communities, whether they be humanoid or genie.

Language(s). You can speak, read, and write Common and one of the following languages: Aquan, Auran, Ignan, and Terran.

Size. Geniekin take a similar appearance as their humanoid parents. Your size is the same as your humanoid parent’s, which must be Small or Medium.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet if Small or 30 feet if Medium.


Genie Raised

Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence or Wisdom is increased by 1.

Weapon Training. You are proficient in two weapons of your choice.

Humanoid Raised

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution, Dexterity, or Strength score is increased by 1.

Skill Training. You gain proficiency in one skill of your choice.

d4 Geniekin Quirks
1 You try to hide your mortal heritage as much as possible and play yourself off as a fully-fledged genie to the common folk. After all, most people wouldn’t be able to tell that you’re lying.
2 You love using your abilities, not because they help people, but because you get to gain insight into people’s innermost desires. Knowledge is power.
3 You know that you were born for greatness and will do everything in your power to lead over your people. No one else could do it better.
4 You are actually ashamed of your genie parentage and have been bullied your whole life because of it.
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