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Long ago, a wizard named Geppetto created a servitor construct. While he loved it and treated it fairly, the other wizards that copied his designs were harsh and cruel. imbuing their servants with free will but denying them license to exercise it. Tortured by this ever-conflicted state of being, these geppettoans, as they were called, conspired to circumvent their masters’ orders and eventually slew their creators. Few spellcasters from that point forward gifted their creations with free will, and even fewer ever created a geppettoan again; in time, this knowledge dwindled until mortal spellcasters forgot altogether the method required to craft such beings. Geppettoans, for their part, are more than happy to keep the secret of how to create new members of their race to themselves.

Geppettoans Racial Traits

Geppettoans have the following racial traits.

Ability Score Increase. Geppettoans are highly intelligent and well built. Your Constitution and Intelligence scores increase by 1.

Age. Geppettoans are fully capable from the moment of their animation, but require some training to learn about the world around them, reaching adulthood around age 2. They routinely grow to reach 5000 years of age before their magical glyphs are so worn that they cannot keep the geppettoan animated.

Alignment. While geppettoans can be any alignment, they tend towards neutral. They see themselves as being created by both nature and arcane powers. They believe these forces have no moral or societal biases and that, therefore, neither should they.

Size. Geppettoans are short in stature. Your size is Small.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet.

Wooden Weapon Proficiency. You are proficient with melee weapons that are primarily made from wood: club, greatclub, quarterstaff, and spear.

Living Construct. You are a living creature, even if you are constructed. You are immune to disease. You can ingest potions, elixirs, and similar liquid magic items like living creatures do.

While you do not sleep, you must spend 4 hours each day checking over the magical runes carved into your body. Failing to do so results in your suffering the same penalties you would if you had not slept. During this time, you are fully awake and aware of your surroundings, noticing approaching enemies and other events around you as normal. You do not dream.

Languages. You can read, write, and speak Common and any one other language of your choice.

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