Northlanders hate giants, especially in regions plagued by hordes of these monsters. Yet, sometimes a union between a giant and a Northlander occurs (usually a giantess and a human male) and the result is the giant-blooded. Occasionally these abominations are born to two Northlanders, for it is said that the taint of giant blood corrupts for a dozen generations. However the unfortunate thing is conceived, it is usually killed at birth, for most Northlanders will not accept the shame of such an abomination. Still, some are allowed to live and find a place in Northlander society, though always at the fringes and never with full acceptance.

Outcasts by Some

Despite all this, having a giant-blooded warrior in your household, although seen as shameful, can be a great boon. These warriors are inhumanly strong and hardy, capable of breaking a shield wall on their own. Having someone about who can lift oxen is more than merely useful; it can also serve to intimidate rivals. Some jarls keep giant-blooded in their household as a sort of freak show, bringing them out in order to impress guests, and allowing friends to insult or pester a caged or bound giant.

Accepted by the Compassionate

In more kind and merciful communities, great care is taken to integrate the giant-blooded into society. This often takes the form of assigning a person, usually a close relative, to look after the giant-blooded and keep it out of trouble. Riding herd on a rage prone not terribly bright relative, especially one who can break most men like dry wood, is a thankless job whose only real reward is helping another to simply live. In these situations it is not unusual for the giant-blooded and his uncorrupted relatives to take to the whale road in search of adventure and the possibility to make a name for themselves.


Giant-blooded are huge, often well over eight feet tall, hairy, brutish in body and mind, and prone to tempers and passions beyond that of other men. Their hair is coarse, as are their features, and birth defects such as cleft lips, missing or extra digits, enlarged foreheads, and other unsightly things are common. They are also not terribly bright as the giant blood seems to dim the intelligence of the human, producing individuals who have trouble with even the most mundane of tasks. Furthermore, the giant-blooded are not patient, giving into impulses and desires, often of a fell nature.

Often Wanderers

Giant-blooded adventurers do so for a variety of reasons. It is in their nature to wander and seek conflict, and the life of an aspiring hero permits just that. Those who have been mistreated often seek the means to escape, and taking to a wandering life with a band of like-minded fellows provides just that. The tempers and poor judgment that marks giant-blooded psychology often leads to accidents, something that forces even the most open minded communities to point to the road out of town. Finally, the bigotry that all giant-blooded experience on a daily basis tends to keep them on the move, constantly in search of a place they truly belong.

Standard Racial Traits

  • Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 4 and your Constitution score increases by 2. However, both your Intelligence and Charisma scores decrease by 2.
  • Age. Giant blooded grow fast, reaching adult size by their fifteenth year. However, they also age rapidly, their massive bodies begin giving out at around thirty years and few live past the age of fifty.
  • Alignment. The giant-blooded tend strongly towards chaos and evil, though like any creature with free will they can be of any alignment. Even those who have learned to live in Northlander society are still wild and reckless, and thus chaotic, in their nature. Few godi, save for those dedicated to Loki, will include a giant-blooded in their congregation unless so ordered by their deity or jarl, or driven by feelings of kindness or pity.
  • Size. You stand 9-10 feet tall and weigh four hundred or more pounds. You are large sized.
  • Speed. You take long strides and have a move of 40 feet.
  • Long reach. You have a reach of 10 feet.
  • Big hands. You can wield a two handed melee weapon in one hand. If you manage to get someone to craft a weapon sized for your stature it inflicts +1d6 damage, and if it has the two-handed property you must use two hands to wield it. Such a weapon costs twice as much.
  • Just damn big. Any equipment, especially armor and shields, that is sized for you costs twice as much. If given armor by a class or background, you instead get its normal sized cost in hacksilver.
  • Low-light Vision. You can see in dim light as if it were bright light.
  • Of human born. You count as both a humanoid (human) and a giant.
  • Languages. You speak Common and your choice of either Giant or Nørsk.
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