Giant Kin

Giant kin are humans with a giant somewhere in their recent family history, usually within three generations.

Some say giant kin benefit from the best qualities of both races: the size and strength of a giant mixed with the sensibilities and intellect of a human. In regions where humans and giants have lived in close proximity for centuries, there are entire clans of giant kin that live apart from their human and giant cousins. However, such clans are extremely rare. Most giant kin live among humans, where they are revered for their efficacy in labor and war, but are also targets of racial hatred and relegated to the fringes of society. Those who live among giants are either leaders or slaves. They are never seen as equal to full blooded giants. Many giant kin, facing bigotry and outright hostility from both societies, decide to live alone or in small groups of other outcasts. There are three types of giant kin; those with a fire giant in their ancestry, those descended from a frost giant, and those with an earth giant ancestor.

Big and Powerful

Giant kin appear to be oversized humans, standing around 8 feet tall and weighing more than 500 pounds. They tend to have broad foreheads and large jaws, making them appear somewhat like Neanderthals. Those with frost giant in their ancestry are fair skinned and have blue or green eyes. Their hair may be yellow, red, or black. Those descended from fire giants have dark skin, black eyes, and flaming red or orange hair. Giant kin with an earth ancestry are as varied in their appearance as humans.

Violent and Helpful

Giant kin tend to live short, violent lives of meagerness and hardship marked by brief periods of extreme largess and abundance. They can be domineering and judgmental, but are also known to be generous, compassionate, and helpful. They are proud and boisterous, but their hardy laughter comes easily as well. They are suspicious of strangers, but once their trust is earned they become loyal allies until death.

Ambition and Revenge

Giant kin often turn to adventure and travel in an effort to improve their lot in life and find a place where they are welcomed and accepted. They may also leave home in seek of riches or revenge. Both giants and humans have exploited and victimized giant kin in the past, and the giant kin are often motivated to reclaim their stolen treasures and honor.

Giant Kin Traits

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2 and your Constitution score increases by 1.

Age. Giant kin mature at the same rate humans do and reach adulthood around the age of 20. They live much longer than humans, however, often exceeding 140 years.

Alignment. Giant kin are usually chaotic and about as likely to be good as evil. Rarely are giant kin neutral. Those with frost or fire giant ancestry typically follow the Norse gods. Those with earth giant ancestry more often follow Geek or Phoenician deities.

Size. Giant kin range in height from under seven feet tall to over eight feet tall. They have robust builds and can weigh over 500 pounds. Their size is Medium.

Speed. Your long strides carry you faster than the shorter races. Your walking speed is 35.

Big Boned. Your tough hide and thick bones afford you greater protection against injury, increasing your AC to 11 + your Dexterity modifier.

Load Bearing. You are considered one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and how much weight you can push, pull, or drag.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Koine Greek or Germanic, plus one other language of your choice. Because giant kin have no culture or homeland of their own, they typically live among humans and adopt the local human language, culture, and customs. You may also see the Languages supplement to randomly determine your homeland.

Subrace. The three subraces of giant kin (earth, fire, and frost) are outlined below.

Earth Giant

Individuals with earth giants in their ancestry are the most common giant kin and may be found throughout the Mediterranean and beyond.

Geologic Metabolism. Your slow metabolism and thick blood grants you advantage on saving throws against poison and resistance to poison damage.

Survivalist. You gain double your proficiency bonus on any Wisdom (perception) and Wisdom (survival) checks made in one of the following environments: coastal, forest, grassland, hill, mountain, or swamp.

Fire Giant

Fire giants are found beyond the scorching deserts of Arabia and Libya.

Fire Resistance. The blood of your fiery ancestors still flows in your veins. You have resistance to fire damage.

Survivalist. You gain double your proficiency bonus on any Wisdom (perception) and Wisdom (survival) checks made in a desert environment.

Frost Giant

Frost giant kin are most commonly found in the northern regions of Europa and Asia.

Cold Resistance. The blood of your icy ancestors still flows in your veins. You have resistance to cold damage.

Survivalist. You gain double your proficiency bonus on any Wisdom (perception) and Wisdom (survival) checks made in an arctic environment.

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