Half-ogres are often confused for large half-orcs. They are often prized by barbarian tribes, pit fight managers, and laborer foremen for their great endurance and strength, but often find it difficult to fit in to other aspects of society. Half-ogres who do not fit the stereotype of the large brute or who express talents in other directions often leave their homelands and take to adventuring in order to find the type of life they want. Even so, a half-ogre wizard or cleric can always fall back on their races’ great physical prowess in a pinch.

Large And In Charge

Half-ogres are large, they are often nearly eight feet tall and weighing hundreds of pounds. Their physical prowess typically leads them to becoming the leaders of their tribes. This is especially true when half-ogres lead human or orc barbarian tribes. It is rare that a half-ogre is found among ogres as those brutes tend to drive out their weaker kin, but when they do the combination of greater intelligence (compared to ogres) and the mass of an ogre tribe creates an unstoppable force.

Brutally Cunning

As intelligent as any human or dwarf, half-ogres seem to take the best of both their parent’s heritage. However, the ogre blood tends to make half-ogres cruel, impulsive, and violent. This leads to a brutal cunning that can surprise those who underestimate the mental abilities of these brutish creatures. Many look at the hulking physique and crude features of a half-ogre and miss the cunning and intelligent mind underneath.


Humans and ogres do not normally mate for obvious reasons. Even so, such parings do happen from time to time. Half-ogres produce more half-ogres, and it is by this means that the race continues. Even so, due to their rarity outside of a few small areas most half-ogres reproduce with orcs, humans, and hobgoblins.

Brotherhood of Skulls

There are strong links between the slavers and necromancers of the Brotherhood of Skulls, as well as the cult of Orcus, and half-ogres. Both these organizations operate in areas where half-ogres are common and value the combination of strength, intelligence, and violence that half-ogres bring. Because of this, as well as their ogre heritage, half-ogres are often persecuted in the neighboring lands.

  • Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increase by 4, and Constitution Score increases by 2, however your Wisdom and Charisma scores decrease by 2.
  • Age. Half-ogres can take a long time to grow up, a factor that limits their numbers in the rough and tumble of ogre tribes. They reach adulthood at around twenty years of age, and can expect to live eighty years. Many do not for their homelands are violent and dangerous.
  • Alignment. Their impulsiveness and ogre heritage tend to make half-ogres chaotic in nature. Those that are raised with care and love can have any ethical stance, but many are selfish and cruel, tending towards evil.
  • Size. You stand at least seven feet tall (and might be a foot or more taller), and weigh three hundred or more pounds. you are medium sized.
  • Speed. Your base speed is 30 ft.
  • Big hands. You may wield a two-handed weapon in one hand. You may do so for a number of rounds equal to your Strength modifier, and regain expended uses of this trait following a short rest.
  • Darkvision. Within 60 ft. you see in darkness as if it were dim light, and dim light as if it were bright light. You can’t discern colors, only shades of grey.
  • Large framed. When calculating encumbrance you count as a large creature.
  • Ogre blood. You count as both a human and giant.
  • Weapon Training. You are proficient with great swords.
  • Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Giant.
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