Hinterfolk Halfling

These canny wilderness dwellers eschew the comforts of civilization their cousins love so well.

They have become adept ambush hunters and pack hunters and are fiercely protective of their homeland.

They are suspicious of outsiders and usually opt to drive intruders away with a sudden show of force, resorting to repeated hit-and-run skirmishes to get the point across should interlopers persist in trespassing. Hinterfolk are a pragmatic people, doing whatever is necessary to protect their clans and territory. Some clans build their homes in the treetops, using ropes and ladders to traverse between buildings and to and from the ground. Others dig subterranean homes with entrances among the tree roots, providing cool, comfortable hidden homes inaccessible to most local predators.

Hinterfolk are taller and rangier than their more civilized cousins, with more long, lean muscle mass. Their hair is either shaved or worn in long, knotted locks or braids with colors ranging black, brown, and dark auburn. Skin tones range mostly from light brown to deep tan, often decorated with tattoos or ritual scarring, which symbolize notable achievements, victories in combat, and other accomplishments the clan admires.

Hinterfolk Names

Hinterfolk naming conventions are similar to their more urban cousins, but their clan names often reflect a value the clan particularly cherishes or an accomplishment from an ancestral hero of the clan.

Male Names: Aleki, Aonani, Enele, Makane, Tamo, Tane.

Female Names: Arihi, Elei, Manaia, Natia, Sefina, Wiki

Clan Names: Atalafo (Shadowstalker), Halapono (Wise Ways), Lauoso (Treeleaper), Luko’ato (Wolf Pack), Mana’ago (Powerful Spirit), Tematagi (Windrider)

Hinterfolk Traits

You are a halfling raised far from civilization and adapted to life in the wilderness.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 1.

Highly Mobile. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. When wearing light or no armor, you have a climbing speed of 20 feet and a swimming speed of 20 feet.

Hunter and Gatherer. You have proficiency in the Survival skill.

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