Ink Hexen

Ink hexen are an ancestry of humans who originate in the plane of Shadow. Some folks say that the ink hexen are humans who lived for generations in the Shadow and have been forever changed. Others say one or more of their ancestors made a deal with the ruler of Shadow and forever carry the shadowy mark. In truth, ink hexen are born appearing human, with only one tattoo they magically receive in utero from their parents. Even so, this tattoo is exceptionally powerful, formed from the blood magics at play during conception and birth.

Ancestral Traits

Those born of ink hexen have the following traits.

Age. Ink hexen have lifespans similar to humans, though they live a few more decades.

Size. Ink hexen are human sized. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base speed is 30 feet.

Birth Tattoo. Virtually all ink hexen are born with a tattoo magically appearing on their skin. The design is unique for each individual, though motifs in the design are drawn from the birth tattoos of the mother and father as well, assuming they too are ink hexen. If one or both are not, then the child’s birth tattoo resembles what its parents’ ink hexen tattoos would have been, had they been ink hexen. The ink hexen claim the tattoos one has at birth, and those one chooses, reveal the soul. Describe your birth tattoo and choose one of the following magical effects it grants.

The tattoo becomes empowered once ink hexen reaches puberty. Choose your birth tattoo from the list below under the Tattoo Witchcraft trait.

Cultural Traits

People who grow up among other ink hexen receive tattoos throughout their lives marking significant events for them. Receiving these tattoos is a holy ritual for ink hexen; not only is it deeply personal, but it also infuses their very bodies with magical power. For these artists who create the tattoos, called shadow workers, are witches who infuse their inks with magics drawn from the plane of shadow. Those who live as ink hexen receive the following traits.

Tattoo Witchcraft. Ink hexen receive a tattoo to mark significant events in their lives, such as reaching adulthood. Choose one of the following tattoos. At 3rd level, choose another. At 5th, choose a third.

Beast Tongue. Your tattoo grants you the ability to speak with small beasts.

Darkness of the Deep. Your tattoo grants you the ability to breathe underwater.

Eyes of Night. Your tattoo grants you Darkvision to 60′.

Fell Resilience. Your tattoo grants you resistance to one damage type of your choice.

Natural Magic. Your tattoo allows you to cast one cantrip of your choice.

Secret Wisdom. Your tattoo grants you proficiency in one skill of your choice.

Swift Shadow. Your tattoo grants you an additional 5 feet of movement to your base speed.

Umbral Shield. Your tattoo grants you the ability to cast mage armor once a day.

Vicious Blade. Your tattoo grants you the ability to conjure a shadowy dagger as an action.

The dagger functions as a normal dagger. If it leaves your hand, it dissipates into wisps of shadow. The dagger lasts for one minute.

Diviners. The ink magic of the shadow worker is not the only witchcraft the ink hexen practice; they also have a long tradition of divination. You can cast the augury spell once a day by using a tarot deck as your divination tool and material component.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.

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