Merfolk are an aquatic people who live and work around waterways and large bodies of water. Many serve as underwater guides for terrestrial races. They love scavenging the sunken trinkets of other cultures.


Ability Score Increase. Two different ability scores of your choice increase by 1.

Age. Merfolk age as humans do.

Alignment. Merfolk are venturesome and curious, given to flights of fancy and indulging in whims. Their mercantile society teaches them everything is negotiable. However, they are also a forgiving and kind people who protect those on and in the sea, tending to neutral or neutral good.

Rarity. Common. Merfolk are as common as elves and dwarves are on land.

Size. A merfolk can be as tall as any human, with denser muscle and fat lending a bit of extra weight. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. You also have a swimming speed of 30 feet.

Amphibious. You can breathe air and water.

Barterer. You have proficiency in the Insight and Persuasion skills.

Ocean Dweller. You are inured to the pressure and temperatures of the cold depths. Add your proficiency bonus to any saving throw against extreme cold or the pressure of deep water. If you have proficiency in such a saving throw, your proficiency bonus is doubled for these purposes.

Languages. You speak, read, and write Common and Aquatic.

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