These remarkable halflings have learned not only to thrive in the jungle, but also to ignore the effects of whispering mist.

As such they enjoy territory that is utterly uncontested and believe themselves to be a ‘chosen people’.

Spiritual Shamans Mistlings have a tribal society devoted to the worship of nature spirits. Instances of innate sorcery are frequent among them, something they attribute to their faith and racial perfection. Their sense of self is tied to their homeland (and the mist that shrouds it) so despite their belief that they are naturally superior, they do not seek to expand and dominate others beyond the borders of their forest home.


At birth mistlings are given a temporary name by their parents until they are ready to undertake a coming of age initiation to confirm their place in their tribe. When a mistling completes their initiation they choose a name for themselves, often drawing inspiration from an ancestor.

Child Names: Ana, Boo, Eb, Gen, Kuf, Nip

Male Names: Bonsu, Charka, Demetu, Ishaan, Saard, Timot

Female Names: Areelu, Jayallie, Kirillie, Mitra, Sania, Vicascu Mistling traits As a mistling, you are among the strongest of the halflings, and resistant to mental manipulation and magics. The skin tone of mistlings are varied, from pale to dark, and some are patterned with stripes of different hues. Hair color tends towards darker browns and blacks, but becomes gray and then white as they approach middle-age. Their eyes are usually blue, green, or hazel.


In addition to the regular racial traits for a halfling, you gain the following:

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 1.

Mental Fortitude. You have resistance to psychic damage.

Shielded Mind. Creatures are only able to telepathically communicate with you if you allow it, and you are immune to magic that allows other creatures to read your thoughts.

New Feat

Mistling Trickery

Prerequisite(s): Halfling (mistling)

The mists have affected your mind but rather than withering it, you have instead been empowered. You can communicate telepathically with any creature you can see within 30 feet of you. If it understands at least one language, it can respond to you telepathically.

In addition, you are immune to the fogged condition, and you have advantage on saving throws against effects that would cause you to gain the charmed condition.

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