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To escape the constraints that have been placed on them by the powers that be, a Pooka cavorting on the outskirts of the Prime Material Plane may decide to provide their unique brand of magics to a warlock searching for otherworldly power, or to an unsuspecting mortal who happens to be in the wrong place on the Pooka’s time. Once a bargain has been struck, either knowingly or unknowingly, the new warlock’s fate is tied to the Pooka’s ever-changing whims.

Mortal Obsession

No matter how much joy the Pooka may find in tormenting their own, there is nothing they enjoy more than meddling in mortal affairs. If it weren’t for the universal laws that bind all immortal beings across the planes, Pooka would spend their time providing blessings, curses, and prophecies of varying degrees of accuracy all over the Prime Material.

As it stands, only three Pooka are allowed to be in the mortal realm at any one time, and the scope of what they’re allowed to do directly has been limited.

Pooka Lore

Through careful study and comparison of often conflicting resources, the following lore can be discovered about the Pooka:

  • Although only three Pooka are allowed on the Prime Material at any given time, there are usually one or two more who are skirting the rules in some manner to be there.
  • Pooka are generally encountered at or very near divides, such as forks in roads, rivers, or paths, and only when they want to be. For better or worse, meeting a Pooka is a life-altering event.
  • Blackberry wine can be used as an indicator of the Pooka’s true disposition. If the wine remains sweet after encountering the Pooka, then they are pleased. If the wine turns sour, the Pooka is displeased, and trouble could be heading your way.
  • Possessing cold iron in the presence of a Pooka is a dire offense. No one knows whether that is because it has any real effect on them or if they are just insulted on principle.
  • Pooka do not care for children. Their powers can not directly affect the truly innocent and naive, so they prefer to keep their distance.


Although Pooka love to keep their true form hidden, they will reveal it to a warlock in their service from time to time, specifically upon their introduction.

Outside of their initial meeting, however, the Pooka may appear with any combination of animal attributes protruding from their sinewy simian form. Or they may appear as another creature (or humanoid) entirely. Although common folklore regarding the Pooka says it prefers to take the form of a horse or dog, like most knowledge about them, that’s not entirely accurate. Every Pooka has their own favorite forms, which change as frequently as their capricious minds.

Despite the Pooka’s ability to assume a plethora of shapes, they can do nothing to hide their dark black hair and bright golden eyes, at least not through their natural abilities. But as with all things, Pooka will take any opportunity to practice their trickery and mischief on those around them and will go to any lengths available to hide who they are. Despite any obfuscation, a warlock bound to them will always know who their patron truly is, much to the chagrin of the Pooka.

The Pooka’s Goals

Although any Pooka on the Prime Material may have their own specific goals at any given time, they all have the same endgame which they direct their warlocks toward; their own personal entertainment and amusement.

Whether this results in an incredibly drawn-out series of seemingly unrelated tasks that take years to finally pay off or some immediate mission to cross a newfound adversary, their warlocks serve their whims more than some greater cosmic goal.

The only exception to the Pooka’s normally mercurial directives is in the event that some new power threatens the natural world.

Although they are not guardians by disposition, they are still fey and do not take threats to their domain lightly. In their own way, the Pooka will maneuver their warlock into the path of the threat to intervene on their behalf, even if the journey there is baffling to the warlock involved.

Interacting With The Pooka

Communicating with their patron can be frustrating for warlocks in service to the Pooka. Not only are they prone to lies, contradictions, and fits of whimsy, but all too often the warlock themselves become the targets of the Pooka’s mischief. To keep their patron pleased, and to take the focus off of themselves, it’s not uncommon for these warlocks to cause minor chaos and deviltries among their adventuring groups and those they come into contact with as an homage to their fickle patron.

There is nothing that upsets a Pooka more than boredom and nothing that bores them more than the failure of someone in their service. Once they set a warlock out to accomplish a specific task, the inability to complete that task will generally result in a very creative punishment being delivered upon the warlock in question, as well as any of their traveling companions unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity at the time. However, succeeding at something the Pooka finds important or even managing to delight them in some unexpected way, can result in their warlock being showered in odd gifts and strange boons.

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