Quorren are beings of the earth, hatched from boulders, native to volcanic and mountainous regions. They can roll like boulders and speak to earth and stone. They eat rocks and minerals.


Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2, and your Strength score increases by 1.

Age. Having a decelerated aging rate, quorren reach adulthood in their early fifties. Many can live up to 8,000 years, but only if they live sedentary lifestyles and move only once every few years.

Alignment. Quorren have no quarrels with others and do what they can to respect the laws of other cultures. Many quorren are lawful good.

Rarity. Uncommon.

Size. Quorren are massive, approaching 7 feet tall and weighing up to 600 pounds. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness within the same range as if it were dim light. Absent even dim light, this vision is monochromatic.

Rocky Hide. Your stony skin gives you additional protection from damage. At 1st level, your hit point maximum increases by 1, and it increases by 1 every time you gain a level thereafter.

Rolling Attack. When you take the Dash action, you can roll into a ball and crash into a foe as a bonus action. This unarmed strike deals ld8 bludgeoning damage. If you move at least 10 feet in a straight line before making the attack, you deal another ld8 bludgeoning damage on a hit, and the target must attempt a Strength saving throw (DC = 8 + your Strength modifier + your proficiency bonus). If the target fails, you can shove it as part of dealing damage.

Speak with Earth. As part of a short rest, you can enter a trance to speak to the earth and stone, including worked stone, near you. While you do so, you are unconscious. The earth and stones within 30 feet of you impart impressions of what has happened around and to them, along with what they contain or conceal within range.

Languages. You speak, read, and write Common and Dwarvish. You can choose one other language in which you have similar fluency.

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