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Racial Traits

Your ramag character has certain characteristics in common with all other ramag.

Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 2, and your Dexterity score increases by 1.

Age. Ramag reach maturity at 15 years and can live to 90.

Size. Despite their overlong limbs, ramag stand between 5 and 6 feet tall. Your size is Medium.

Alignment. Ramag tend toward lawfulness, since their survival depends on adhering to their laws and customs.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Arcane Heritage. You can ignore class requirements when attuning to a magic item.

Mystical Understanding. You have proficiency in the Arcana skill.

Spell Damping. You have advantage on Strength and Dexterity saving throws against spells.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Giant.

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