Raven Kin

Raven kin are humanoids ravens, though they lack the wings of their raven or bird folk siblings, having feathered arms instead. Known for their uncanny ability to replicate sounds they hear and their tendency to collect shiny things, the raven kin are sometimes referred to as mockingbirds or magpies, though the raven kin themselves usually dislike these monikers.

The origin of the raven kin is unknown, though some historians speculate they are an offshoot of bird folk that fell under some foul curse.

Ancestral Traits

Raven kin resemble ravens or crows, with bodies covered in black feathers, as well as long, thin beaks and sharp talons for feet.

Rather than wings, however, raven kin have humanoid arms. Despite their name and appearance, raven kin also have abilities that resemble those of the mockingbird, allowing them to accurately reproduce sounds and voices that they hear. Because of this avian ancestry, you have certain traits.

Age. Raven kin hatch from an egg and live about as long as humans.

Size. Raven kin are usually short and light weight by human standards. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base speed is 30 feet.

Mockingbird’s Gift. Raven kin can reproduce virtually any sound they hear with uncanny fidelity. You can reproduce a sound you have heard, from a voice to an inorganic sound.

When replicating such a sound, roll Charisma (Performance) with advantage. Those who hear the sound can roll a Wisdom (Insight) check against your result to determine whether they can tell the sound is authentic or an imitation.

Cultural Traits

Raven kin communities most often develop in urban areas, forming small neighborhoods in towns and cities. Such communities usually are close knit and built around a commitment to mutual support, though young members of these communities often spend most of their time outside of their neighborhoods, engaging in various activities and work elsewhere in the surrounding city or town. Members of these communities also tend to hoard knick knacks and baubles, in part to represent the various events of their lives, but also as a part of their tradition of barter and trade as well. Your raven kin community member shares certain traits.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2 and your Charisma score by 1.

Alignment. Raven kin communities are friendly but disorganized places, with ramshackle living spaces overflowing with junk, memorabilia, and random collected items. As such, they tend toward chaos.

Magpie’s Eye. Raven kin communities often celebrate collecting oddities and complete sets of things. Growing up among those who collect such cast-off things, you’ve learned to evaluate a thing’s worth with a glance. Choose one of the following abilities: Arcane Collector. Your family collected magical doodads and miscellany. From them, you learned to cast the identify spell as a ritual.

Gem Lover. You are particularly attracted to shiny baubles. You have proficiency with Jeweler’s Tools.

Fakery. You know how to make something worthless appear more valuable. You have proficiency with the Forgery Kit.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Auran.

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