Spindrift Dwarf

While most dwarves ensconce themselves in the earth, spindrift dwarves have a bond with the ocean, and many spend most of their lives at sea. They tend to be slightly taller and slimmer than their landlubber cousins. Their hair and beards are lightened by exposure to sun and salt, often tied or braided against the wind. Many are comfortable barefoot and typically wear loose clothing that doesn’t hinder their work.

Spindrift dwarves settle on islands and mainland coasts, always in areas with natural harbors. Certain clans rarely come ashore at all, spending their lives on ships at sea, coming into port only when necessity dictates. There are even stories of spindrift dwarves that live on artificial islands made of ships lashed together—both seaworthy and not—along with other bits of flotsam and jetsam.

Spindrift Dwarf Names

Spindrift dwarves have developed their own unique culture separate from land dwarves and use names related to the sea and sailing.

Male Names: Aeton, Bakkhos, Chrysos, Ebbtide, Ladon, Loch, Maedas, Silaenus.

Female Names: Coral, Didoa, Ekho, Hemera, Kaelysta, Medis, Pearl, Selenis

Clan Names: Breakwater, Maelstrom, Riptide, Saltbeard, Stormlord, Topsail, Undertow, Waverunner.

Spindrift Dwarf Traits

Your love of the open water grants you the following traits. Some of these traits replace traits found in the base dwarf rules, as noted in each trait’s entry.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 1. weapons, armor, and other goods noteworthy even among fine dwarven crafts. They trade these goods for necessities not found in the harsh environs of their chosen homeland.

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