Urban Halfling

Having originally lost their rural residences due to flood, famine, war, or other great misfortune, some clans of halflings migrated to large urban areas long ago, making homes for themselves within the metropolitan areas of other races. Most urban halflings are insular and unobtrusive, working quietly within their own communities and staying out of the way of other races. Extended families will often band together, working a communal business and sharing the profits among themselves.

Urban halflings share the same physical features as their lightfoot kin. However, they tend to adopt the fashion trends most common within the city in which they live to better blend in with the populace. This adaptation also extends to the wearing of whatever footwear is common and even taking on the hairstyles most seen in the region.

Urban Halfling Names

Urban halfling names follow the naming conventions found in their home cities, and their family names often reflect the family’s business or its role or position in the city.

Male Names: Cosmo, Digby, Fergus, Finch, Ludo, Lysander, Wymark, Zeno.

Female Names: Alina, Hazel, Milou, Posy, Sablin, Scarlet, Sky, Vesper.

Family Names: Aleson, Churngood, Fullbelly, Goodshoe, Patchhole, Quickfingers, Sawdust, Snaphammer, Spindlewell.

Urban Halfling Traits

You are a halfling adapted to life in urban centers, particularly in large cities.

Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 1.

Family Business. You gain proficiency with one type of tool of your choice, or you have proficiency in one of the following skills: Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Medicine, Performance, or Persuasion.

Lost in the Crowd. If you are in a crowded area, such as a city street or a gathering of at least 10 humanoids, you can attempt to hide, blending in with the people around you.

Street Cant. You grew up learning a second, secret language shared by your people. The cant is a halfling-based creole mixed with Common and select words taken from other languages, using specific dialects and jargon. This language is never taught to outsiders and is used by urban halflings to communicate directly to one another for privacy and protection. Only another creature that knows Street Cant understands the language when you speak it, though listeners who don’t know it can understand your conversation with the use of magic.

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