The first valke were great heroes of boundless vitality who would take up the same quest as their sisters before them.

Time Wanderers

Valke are not born from a mother and father like the other races, but the seed of a dead valke travel the Tides of Time for years before a new valke daughter appears, magically, to worthy parents. It is believed that the seed is guided by the dead valke’s will, though none can be certain, and in deed, few parents know the history of their valke, as the new valke’s sister could be from a far future or a distant past, and even a different plane.

As the valke grows, she becomes aware of her destiny and begins to develop her talents and heroic bearing. Most valke become valkyrie, but some join other classes and become champions of those.

Ageless and Immortal

Valke grow quickly, reaching maturity at the age of 8, though with the comparable maturity and physical appearance of a 16-year-old human.

From there, their physiology undergoes major changes and they become taller and more robust than most humans. By their 18th birthday, they resemble a divine human in their early twenties, and cease to age.

Valke Names

Every valke bears a heart name as well as the name given to them by their adoptive parents.

This heart name is arcane in origin and is the name of the first valke forged, to which your valke is magically linked.

Valke Heart Names. Aelia, Aquila, Caecilia, Decima, Flavia, Hadriana, Horatia, Valentina, Valeria

Valke Traits

Your valke character is the superhuman result of dwarven bioengineering, human magic, and arcane power.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength or Dexterity score increases by 2, and your Constitution score increases by 1.

Age. You reach full maturity at the age of 8, and, being immortal, have no upper age limit.

Ageless. Because of your immortality, you cannot age, even magically, and don’t gain any frailty from old age.

Alignment. All valke feel a heroic calling, although each valke follows this calling in her own way. Most valke are good, while some lose sight of their true purpose and, being naturally inclined towards action, become destructive forces of evil. Even these velke are swift to change their outlook when a greater evil threatens. Velke are hardly ever neutral. Some valke see no way to protect civilization with the shackles of law, and are chaotic, but most are lawful.

Gender. All valke are female, a part of the great sisterhood that seeks to protect the goodly races across time and space.

Size. All valke are over 6 foot tall, and most have athletic builds acquired through their natural affinity for action. Your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Arcane Immortality. You are imbued with magical energy that sustains your life force, but also alters your susceptibility to restorative magic. After you die, you are resurrected as through a true resurrection spell, for which you do not need to pay the casting cost. Because of this magical immortality, your body cannot be affected by any other type of resurrection effect, including wish. The next time you die, your body is obliterated and beyond the reach of divine or magical interference. Instead, a new valke bearing your heart name is born 3d10 days later. The location of the new valke’s birth is up to the Game Master.

Arcane Vitality. After you finish a short or long rest, you gain additional hit points equal to your Constitution modifier + your proficiency bonus. You can only ever have a number of these bonus hit points equal to your Constitution score. These bonus hit points are used before normal hit points.

Heroic Compulsion. You ignore the movement penalty of the frightened condition.

Keen Senses. You have proficiency in the Perception skill.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write the languages of your parents, which always includes Common but may include up to two other languages. Valke have a keen aptitude for language, and quickly assimilate the language of their parents and the society around them.

Traverse Time and Plane. You can, as a ritual that lasts 8 hours, travel to a different plane or time. This ability functions as plane shift, but you may choose a different time on the same plane as your destination and you can never use this ability to banish a creature; you must always travel to the destination time or plane yourself. Furthermore, you can only take up to five willing creatures with you and you gain 2 levels of exhaustion when you use this ability. You can use this ability again after a long rest. Traversing time can be tricky. You arrive within 1 hour before or after the time you specified, at the same location where you enacted the ritual.

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