Winterfolk Halfling

The origins of the winterfolk are shrouded in mystery.

Sightings of them are so rare in most parts of the world that some doubt they exist at all. Despite their scarcity, the winterfolk do exist. They dwell in the northernmost parts of the world or in the foothills of the coldest mountains. Before the fall of their kingdom, they lived in comfortable huts and burrows in the hills. When giants sacked the kingdom, the winterfolk were driven from their homes into the rugged wilds.

Winterfolk burrow their sod-roofed homes into the windswept and craggy foothills of alpine regions, where they hunt and trap creatures much larger and fiercer than themselves among the frigid lakes and snow-blanketed evergreen forests. Their homes are devoid of comforts, befitting a people that has come to almost relish hardship. When their lives become too comfortable, winterfolk begin to fear they have upset their ancestors and the land. They seek out challenges with a zeal that often appears suicidal to others.

Winterfolk are highly superstitious and rarely let their guard down because a lapse in attention can spell doom for themselves or their community. They invoke ancient runes and sigils for protection and sing droning songs to ancient gods of the sky, the hills, and the forest. Pound for pound, winterfolk halflings are as tough as any dwarf or orc. While they don’t despise their softer cousins, they do view other halflings with a reserved pity.

Winterfolk Names

Winterfolk halflings take their names from the unbroken expanses of steppe and sky that define their world.

Male Names: Abek, Khannish, Khanol, Kristag, Nigulahk, Olavish, Paavotl, Ruslan, Timurus, Vinval.

Female Names: Bolatah, Hillarse, Lalipa, Malika, Pritha, Tahka, Tarmoah, Tavini, Thikati, Timanci.

Family Names: Beartooth, Furbearer, Giantbane, Iceblade, Owlsheart, Treefall, Windslash, Wintergrip, Wolfgaze, Wolfslayer.

Winterfolk Traits

Your people are cunning survivors who revere the old gods of the world and are at home in hardship.

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1.

Hardened. You have spent your life surviving in the cold and wild places of the world. You recover from all levels of exhaustion at the end of a long rest, and you have advantage on saving throws against the effects of being in a cold environment, such as frostbite or hypothermia.

Old Soul. You have a deep connection with the ancient gods and spirits of the world. You can use your Wisdom modifier instead of Intelligence when making History and Religion checks.

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