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529 Records Found

Name TypeLevelRangeComponents Publisher Source
Acid Arrow evocation290 feetV, S, M
Acid Splash Conjurationcantrip60 feetV, S
Aid abjuration230 feetV, S, M
Aid From The Future
Air Bubble
Air Walk
Air Wave
Alarm abjuration (ritual)130 feetV, S, M
Alter Self transmutation2SelfV, S
Ancestral Wrath
Animal Friendship enchantment130 feetV, S, M
Animal Messenger enchantment (ritual)230 feetV, S, M
Animal Shapes transmutation830 feetV, S
Animate Dead necromancy310 feetV, S, M
Animate Necrosis
Animate Objects transmutation5120 feetV, S
Antilife Shell abjuration5self V, S
Antimagic Field abjuration8selfV, S, M
Antipathy/Sympathy enchantment860 feetV, S, M
Aqueous Extraction
Arcane Arbitration , ,
Arcane Eye divination430 feetV, S, M
Arcane Hand evocation5120 feetV, S, M
Arcane Lock abjuration2touchV, S, M
Arcane Reconnaissance
Arcane Sword evocation760 feetV, S, M
Arcanist’s Magic Aura illusion2touchV, S, M
Armor of Warmth , ,
Artesian Spring conjuration2touchV, S
Aspect of the Dragon transmutation4selfV
Aspect of the Moon
Assess Creature
Astral Projection necromancy910 feetV, S, M
Augury divination (ritual)2selfV, S, M
Awaken transmutation5touchV, S, M
Backbiting Blow transmutation130 feetV, S
Bane enchantment130 feetV, S, M
Banishment abjuration460 feetV, S, M
Barkskin transmutation2TouchV, S, M
Beacon of Hope abjuration330 feetV, S
Beast Shape transmutation5selfV, S, M (a piece of the creature whose form you plan to assume)
Bestow Curse necromancy3touchV, S
Big Brother divination3touchV, S, M (a computer, tablet, or smart phone)
Black Hole evocation4120 feetV, S, M (a black glass bead)
Black Tentacles conjuration490 feetV, S, M
Blade Barrier evocation690 feetV, S
Blazing Light
Bless enchantment130 feetV, S, M
Blight necromancy430 feetV, S
Blinding Gaze transmutation360 feetS, M (wolf's pelt)
Blindness/Deafness necromancy230 feetV
Blink transmutation3selfV, S
Blur illusion2selfV
Burning Breath transmutation1selfS, M (wolf's pelt)
Burning Hands evocation1self V, S
Call Lightning conjuration3120 feetV, S
Call of Cthulhu divination (formula, ritual)5selfV, S, D (circle of non-Euclidean engravings or markings centered on you)
Call of the Wild , ,
Calm Emotions enchantment260 feetV, S
Candle , ,
Cannons of Heaven
Celestial Shank , ,
Centipede’s Sting
Chain Lightning evocation6150 feetV, S, M
Chains of Hellfire , ,
Chariot of Discreet Travel , ,
Charm Person enchantment130 feetV, S
Chill Touch Necromancycantrip120 feetV, S
Chromatic Orb (OGL) evocation190 feetV, S, M
Chronoshift , ,
Circle Aflame
Circle of Death necromancy6150 feetV, S, M
Clairvoyance divination31 mileV, S, M
Clone necromancy8touchV, S, M
Cloud Barge
Cloudkill conjuration5120 feetV, S
Clouds of Radiance
Clumsiness , ,
Cold Snap Evocation cantrip60 feetV
Color Spray illusion1self V, S, M
Colossus transmutation9selfV, S, M (a dragon's scale or hairs from a giant's head)
Command enchantment160 feetV
Commune divination (ritual)5selfV, S, M
Commune with Nature divination (ritual)5selfV, S
Commune with Spirits
Commune With The City
Comprehend Languages divination (ritual)1selfV, S, M
Compulsion enchantment430 feetV, S
Concussion Bomb evocation2touchV, S, M (any spherical object the caster can throw) ,
Condemn , ,
Cone of Cold evocation5self V, S, M
Confusion enchantment490 feetV, S, M
Conjure Animals conjuration360 feetV, S
Conjure Blessed Child
Conjure Celestial conjuration790 feetV, S
Conjure Device
Conjure Dream-Dwellers conjuration430 feetV, S, M (sand and a silver key worth 500 gp)
Conjure Elemental conjuration590 feetV, S, M
Conjure Fey conjuration690 feetV, S
Conjure Flying Polyp conjuration830 feetV, S, M (an Elder Sign with radius at least 10 feet)
Conjure Minor Elementals conjuration490 feetV, S
Conjure Woodland Beings conjuration460 feetV, S, M
Consuming Fire
Contact Deep Ones evocation (formula, ritual)150 milesV, S, M (inscribed stones, which the spell consumes), L (any body of water, which you cast the stones into)
Contact Other Plane divination (ritual)5SelfV
Contagion necromancy5touchV, S
Contingency evocation6selfV, S, M
Continual Flame evocation2touchV, S, M
Control Water transmutation4300 feetV, S, M
Control Weather transmutation8self V, S, M
Counterspell abjuration360 feetS
Create Armored Vehicle conjuration5touchV, S, M (see description) ,
Create Firestone
Create Food and Water conjuration330 feetV, S
Create or Destroy Water transmutation130 feetV, S, M
Create Undead necromancy610 feetV, S, M
Creation illusion530 feetV, S, M
Creeping Shadow
Crippling Track abjuration1touchS, M (canine tracks)
Cunning Strike
Cure Wounds evocation1touchV, S
Dagger of Deception necromancy560 feetV, S, M (a tiny sword and a set of loaded dice)
Dagger Vault , ,
Dancing Lights Evocationcantrip120 feetV, S, M
Dark-Light evocation360 feetV, S, M (a pinch of earth)
Darkness evocation260 feetV, M
Darkvision transmutation2touchV, S, M
Daylight evocation360 feetV, S
Deadly Carrier
Death Ward abjuration4touchV, S
Decompose Corpse
Delayed Blast Fireball evocation7150 feetV, S, M
Demiplane conjuration860 feetS
Detect Chaositech
Detect Emotion , ,
Detect Evil and Good divination1selfV, S
Detect Magic divination (ritual)1selfV, S
Detect Mark Divination cantripselfS
Detect Poison and Disease divination (ritual)1selfV, S, M
Detect Shapechanger divination3selfS, M (25 gp ointment)
Detect Thoughts divination2selfV, S, M
Devil’s Pact conjuration590 feetV, S, M (1,000 gp payment)
Dimension Door conjuration4500 feetV
Dirge of the Victorious Knights illusion6self (120-foot line)V, S, M (a medal from a dead noble military officer or a copy of an opera script, either worth at least 100 gp)
Disguise Self illusion1selfV, S
Disintegrate transmutation660 feetV, S, M
Dispel Evil and Good abjuration5SelfV, S, M
Dispel Magic abjuration3120 feetV, S
Displaced Room , ,
Divination divination (ritual)4SelfV, S, M
Divinatory Expungement
Divine Favor evocation1SelfV, S
Divine Word evocation730 feetV
Dominate Beast enchantment460 feetV, S
Dominate Monster enchantment860 feetV, S
Dominate Person enchantment560 feetV, S
Draining Aura Necromancy cantripself (5-foot radius)V
Dream illusion5SpecialV, S, M
Dream Dalliance illusion460 feetV, S
Drowsy Fireflies
Druidcraft Transmutationcantrip30 feetV, S
Dying Curse necromancy330 ft.V, S
Earthquake evocation8500 feetV, S, M
Eldritch Blast Evocationcantrip120 feetV, S
Emergency Evacuation , ,
Empathy of the Faceless One divination4120 feetV, S
Enervating Ray necromancy2120 feetV, S
Enervating Shield necromancy4selfV, S, M (a bit of rotten organic matter or bone dust)
Enhance Ability transmutation2TouchV, S, M
Enlarge/Reduce transmutation230 feetV, S, M
Enlightenment of the Blind Idiot God transmutation530 feetV, S
Entangle conjuration190 feetV, S
Enthrall enchantment260 feetV, S
Entombed in Ice
Etherealness transmutation7SelfV, S
Expeditious Retreat transmutation1SelfV, S
Explosive Shot
Explosive Strength
Extended Magazine conjuration2touchS, M (Specially designed ammunition holder worth at least 50 gp) ,
Eye Lamps evocation1selfS, M (wolf pelt)
Eyebite necromancy6SelfV, S
Fabricate transmutation4120 feetV, S
Fabulous Fizzbangers , ,
Faerie Fire evocation160 feetV
Faithful Hound conjuration430 feetV, S, M
False Life necromancy1SelfV, S, M
Fear illusion3Self V, S, M
Fearful Rapture enchantment430 ft.V, S
Feather Fall transmutation160 feetV, M
Feeblemind enchantment8150 feetV, S, M
Fiery Barrage , ,
Find Familiar conjuration (ritual)110 feetV, S, M
Find Steed conjuration230 feetV, S
Find the Path divination6SelfV, S, M
Find Traps divination2120 feetV, S
Finger of Death necromancy760 feetV, S
Fintech conjuration1selfS, M (access to cellphone or other Internet-connected device) ,
Fire Bolt Evocationcantrip120 feetV, S
Fire Shield evocation4SelfV, S, M
Fire Storm evocation7150 feetV, S
Fireball evocation3150 feetV, S, M
Flame Blade evocation2SelfV, S, M
Flame Darts
Flame Strike evocation560 feetV, S, M
Flaming Hammer , ,
Flaming Sphere conjuration260 feetV, S, M
Flesh to Stone transmutation660 feetV, S, M
Floating Disk conjuration (ritual)130 feetV, S, M
Flood Tide conjuration6100 feetV, S
Fly transmutation3TouchV, S, M
Fog Cloud conjuration1120 feetV, S
Folly and Wit , ,
Forbiddance abjuration (ritual)6TouchV, S, M
Force Hook , ,
Forcecage evocation7100 feetV, S, M
Foresight divination9TouchV, S, M
Form of the Dragon transmutation6selfV, S, M (a scale of the dragon type you plan to assume)
Foul Flesh necromancy1selfS, M (wolf pelt)
Fracture transmutation330 feetV, S, M (a small piece of bone)
Freedom of Movement abjuration4TouchV, S, M
Freezing Sphere evocation6300 feetV, S, M
Friendly Summoning , ,
Frog in Your Throat , ,
Funeral Pyre necromancy2selfV, S, M (ashes from a funeral pyre)
Gaseous Form transmutation3TouchV, S, M
Gate conjuration960 feetV, S, M
Geas enchantment560 feetV
Gentle Repose necromancy (ritual)2TouchV, S, M
Ghostly Blade , ,
Ghostly Warden , ,
Giant Insect transmutation430 feetV, S
Glibness transmutation8SelfV
Globe of Invulnerability abjuration6Self V, S, M
Gloom , ,
Glyph of Warding abjuration3TouchV, S, M
Goodberry transmutation1TouchV, S, M
Grease conjuration160 feetV, S, M
Greater Diminution transmutation860 feetV, S, M (a flea)
Greater Invisibility illusion4TouchV, S
Greater Restoration abjuration5TouchV, S, M
Guardian of Faith conjuration430 feetV
Guards and Wards abjuration6TouchV, S, M
Guidance DivinationcantripTouchV, S
Guiding Bolt evocation1120 feetV, S
Gust of Wind evocation2Self V, S, M
Hallow evocation5TouchV, S, M
Hallucinatory Terrain illusion4300 feetV, S, M
Harm necromancy660 feetV, S
Haste transmutation330 feetV, S, M
Heal evocation660 feetV, S
Healing Word evocation160 feetV
Heart of Cocytus enchantment4selfV, S ,
Heat Metal transmutation260 feetV, S, M
Hellish Rebuke evocation160 feetV, S
Herald Wind
Herculean Force
Heroes’ Feast conjuration630 feetV, S , M
Heroism enchantment1TouchV, S
Hideous Laughter enchantment130 feetV, S, M
Hieroglyphic Barrier abjuration (cleric)560 feetV,S
Hold Monster enchantment590 feetV, S, M
Hold Person enchantment260 feetV, S, M
Holy Aura abjuration8SelfV, S, M
Hooded Eyes enchantment2self (60-foot-radius)S, M (a little dust) ,
Howling Fog evocation4self (60-foot cone)V, S, M (wolf pelt)
Huff and Puff evocation3self (60-foot cone)V, S, M (wolf pelt)
Hunter’s Mark divination190 feetV
Hunter’s Snare enchantment160 feetV, S, M (a loop of twine) ,
Hypnotic Pattern illusion3120 feetS, M
Ice Shards
Ice Storm evocation4300 feetV, S, M
Identify divination (ritual)1TouchV, S, M
Identify Device
Illuminated Weapon
Illusory Script illusion (ritual)1TouchS, M
Imperfect Portrait , ,
Imprisonment abjuration930 feetV, S, M
Incendiary Cloud conjuration8150 feetV, S
Inferno Strike
Inflict Wounds necromancy1TouchV, S
Inscribed Enemy
Insect Plague conjuration5300 feetV, S, M
Instant Summons conjuration (ritual)6TouchV, S, M
Invisibility illusion2TouchV, S, M
Irresistible Dance enchantment630 feetV
Jump transmutation1TouchV, S, M
Just Reversal
Knock transmutation260 feetV
Legend Lore divination5SelfV, S, M
Lesser Restoration abjuration2TouchV, S
Let Me In!
Levitate transmutation260 feetV, S, M
Life Drain , ,
Light EvocationcantripTouchV, M
Lightning Bolt evocation3Self V, S, M
Livewire ,
Locate Animals or Plants divination (ritual)2SelfV, S, M
Locate Creature divination4SelfV, S, M
Locate Object divination2SelfV, S, M
Lock and Load
Longstrider transmutation1TouchV, S, M
Lord of the City
Lycaeonia Curse
Mage Armor abjuration1TouchV, S, M
Mage Hand Conjurationcantrip30 feetV, S
Magic Circle abjuration310 feetV, S, M
Magic Circle Against Shapechangers
Magic Jar necromancy6SelfV, S, M
Magic Mine , ,
Magic Missile evocation1120 feetV, S
Magic Mouth illusion (ritual)230 feetV, S, M
Magic Weapon transmutation2TouchV, S
Magnificent Mansion conjuration7300 feetV, S, M
Major Image illusion3120 feetV, S, M
Making Blank
Manifold Selves
Mantle of Doubt
Mass Cure Wounds evocation560 feetV, S
Mass Heal evocation960 feetV, S
Mass Healing Word evocation360 feetV
Mass Suggestion enchantment660 feetV, M
Maze conjuration860 feetV, S
Meaningful Words , ,
Melancholic Lycanthropia
Meld into Stone transmutation (ritual)3TouchV, S
Mending TransmutationcantripTouchV, S, M
Message Transmutationcantrip120 feetV, S, M
Meteor Swarm evocation91 mileV, S
Mind Blank abjuration8TouchV, S
Minor Illusion Illusioncantrip30 feetS, M
Miracle Paste , ,
Mirage Arcane illusion7SightV, S
Mirror Image illusion2SelfV, S
Mislead illusion5SelfS
Mist of R’lyeh
Misty Step conjuration2SelfV
Modify Memory enchantment530 feet V, S
Moonbeam evocation2120 feetV, S, M
Move Earth transmutation6120 feetV, S, M
Murder of Crows
Mutual Hatred
Nondetection abjuration3TouchV, S, M
Orgiastic Rite
Orne’s Black
Out of Sight
Pack Friend
Parkour ,
Pass without Trace abjuration2SelfV, S, M
Passwall transmutation530 feetV, S, M
Peer Into The Future
Phantasmal Killer illusion4120 feetV, S
Phantom Steed illusion (ritual)330 feetV, S
Photocopy ,
Ping ,
Plague of Toads , ,
Planar Ally conjuration660 feetV, S
Planar Binding abjuration560 feetV, S, M
Plane Shift conjuration7TouchV, S, M
Plant Growth transmutation3150 feetV, S
Poison Food or Water
Poison Spray Conjurationcantrip10 feetV, S
Polymorph transmutation460 feetV, S, M
Possess Doll
Powder of Ibn Ghazi
Power Word Kill enchantment960 feetV
Power Word Stun enchantment860 feetV
Prayer of Healing evocation230 feetV
Prestidigitation Transmutationcantrip10 feetV, S
Primal Stalker
Primeval Interdiction
Prismatic Spray evocation7Self V, S
Prismatic Wall abjuration960 feetV, S
Private Sanctum abjuration4120 feetV, S, M
Produce Flame ConjurationcantripSelfV, S
Programmed Illusion illusion6120 feetV, S, M
Project Image illusion7500 milesV, S, M
Protection from Energy abjuration3TouchV, S
Protection from Evil and Good abjuration1TouchV, S, M
Protection from Poison abjuration2TouchV, S
Psychic Bomb , ,
Psychic Leech
Pumpkin Pact
Purify Food and Drink transmutation (ritual)110 feetV, S
Quick Breath
Raise Dead necromancy5TouchV, S, M
Ray of Enfeeblement necromancy260 feetV, S
Ray of Frost Evocationcantrip60 feetV, S
Receding Reef
Reef Growth
Reflect Elements , ,
Regenerate transmutation7TouchV, S, M
Reincarnate transmutation5TouchV, S, M
Remove Curse abjuration3TouchV, S
Remove Malware ,
Repair Device
Resilient Sphere evocation4
Resistance AbjurationcantripTouchV, S, M
Restore Corpse
Resurrection necromancy7TouchV, S, M
Reverse Gravity transmutation7100 feetV, S, M
Revivify necromancy3TouchV, S, M
Rope Trick transmutation2TouchV, S, M
Sacred Flame Evocationcantrip60 feetV, S
Sanctuary abjuration130 feetV, S, M
Sarnath Sigil
Scalding Brand , ,
Scorching Ray evocation2120 feetV, S
Scrying divination5SelfV, S, M
Second Mind , ,
Secret Chest conjuration4TouchV, S, M
See Invisibility divination2SelfV, S, M
Seeming illusion530 feetV, S
Sending evocation3UnlimitedV, S, M
Sense Spell
Sequester transmutation7TouchV, S, M
Shadow Barbs
Shadow of Doubt
Shadow Weapon
Shapechange transmutation9SelfV, S, M
Shapechanging Reversion
Shatter evocation260 feetV, S, M
Shield abjuration1SelfV, S
Shield of Faith abjuration160 feetV, S, M
Shield of Light
Shillelagh TransmutationcantripTouchV, S, M
Shocking Grasp EvocationcantripTouchV, S
Shriek of the Byakhee
Silence illusion (ritual)2120 feetV, S
Silencing Gaze
Silent Image illusion160 feetV, S, M
Similar Structure , ,
Simulacrum illusion7TouchV, S, M
Siphon of Knowledge ,
Sleep enchantment190 feetV, S, M
Sleet Storm conjuration3150 feetV, S, M
Slow transmutation3120 feetV, S, M
Song of the Viren
Speak with Animals divination (ritual)1SelfV, S
Speak with Dead necromancy310 feetV, S, M
Speak with Plants transmutation3Self V, S
Spider Climb transmutation2TouchV, S, M
Spike Growth transmutation2150 feetV, S, M
Spirit Guardians conjuration3Self V, S, M
Spirit Trance
Spiritual Dice , ,
Spiritual Weapon evocation260 feetV, S
Staff of the River
Steel Drive
Sticky Paws
Stinking Cloud conjuration390 feetV, S, M
Stone Shape transmutation4TouchV, S, M
Stoneskin abjuration4TouchV, S, M
Storm of Vengeance conjuration9SightV, S
Subjective Reality
Suggestion enchantment230 feetV, M
Summon Dragon Spirit
Sunbeam evocation6Self V, S, M
Sunburst evocation8150 feetV, S, M
Sunfire Tomb
Symbol abjuration7TouchV, S, M
Tamer’s Whip
Technathema ,
Telekinesis transmutation560 feetV, S
Telepathic Bond divination (ritual)530 feetV, S, M
Teleport conjuration710 feetV
Teleportation Circle conjuration510 feetV, M
Thaumaturgy Transmutationcantrip30 feetV
Thoth’s Crescent
Threefold Moons of Thoth
Thunderwave evocation1Self V, S
Tiger Trap
Time Stop transmutation9SelfV
Tiny Hut evocation (ritual)3Self V, S, M
Titan’s Resonance
Tongues divination3TouchV, M
Touch Blast , ,
Transport via Plants conjuration610 feetV, S
Treachery of the Earthmother
Tree Stride conjuration5SelfV, S
Tremorsense , ,
True Polymorph transmutation930 feetV, S, M
True Resurrection necromancy9TouchV, S, M
True Seeing divination6TouchV, S, M
True Strike Divinationcantrip30 feetS
Twine Double
Umbral Blade
Unicorn Rush ,
Unseen Servant conjuration (ritual)160 feetV, S, M
Vampiric Touch necromancy3SelfV, S
Vengeful Strike , ,
Vicious Mockery Enchantmentcantrip60 feetV
Wall of Coral
Wall of Fire evocation4120 feetV, S, M
Wall of Force evocation5120 feetV, S, M
Wall of Ice evocation6120 feetV, S, M
Wall of Roses , ,
Wall of Stone evocation5120 feetV, S, M
Wall of Thorns conjuration6120 feetV, S, M
Warding Bond abjuration2TouchV, S, M
Warp Wood
Wasted Years
Water Breathing transmutation (ritual)330 feetV, S, M
Water Walk transmutation (ritual)330 feetV, S, M
Waves of Light
Web conjuration260 feetV, S, M
Weird illusion9120 feetV, S
Wellspring of Soul’s Light
Will of the Gods
Wind Shaft
Wind Walk transmutation630 feetV, S, M
Wind Wall evocation3120 feetV, S, M
Wish conjuration9SelfV
Wolf Wall
Word of Recall conjuration65 feetV
Wrath of Cocytus
Zone of Aegis , ,
Zone of Truth enchantment260 feetV, S