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764 Records Found

Name TypeLevelRangeComponents Publisher Source
Abominable Amorphous Amoeba
Acid Arrow evocation290 feetV, S, M
Acid Bolt
Acid Cloud
Acid Mist
Acid Scourge
Acid Splash Conjurationcantrip60 feetV, S
Acid Storm
Aid abjuration230 feetV, S, M
Aid From The Future transmutation2selfV, S
Air Bubble conjuration1touchS, M (a small bladder filled with air)
Air Walk transmutation4touchV, S
Air Wave conjuration130 feetV
Alarm abjuration (ritual)130 feetV, S, M
Ale-dritch Blast
Alter Self transmutation2SelfV, S
Ancestral Wrath necromancy230 feetV, S
Animal Friendship enchantment130 feetV, S, M
Animal Messenger enchantment (ritual)230 feetV, S, M
Animal Shapes transmutation830 feetV, S
Animate Blades
Animate Cranium
Animate Dead necromancy310 feetV, S, M
Animate Necrosis
Animate Objects transmutation5120 feetV, S
Animated Object Swarm
Antilife Shell abjuration5self V, S
Antimagic Field abjuration8selfV, S, M
Antipathy/Sympathy enchantment860 feetV, S, M
Antitech Field
Aqueous Extraction
Arcane Arbitration ,
Arcane Eye divination430 feetV, S, M
Arcane Hand evocation5120 feetV, S, M
Arcane Lock abjuration2touchV, S, M
Arcane Reconnaissance
Arcane Sword evocation760 feetV, S, M
Arcanist’s Magic Aura illusion2touchV, S, M
Armor of Warmth , ,
Artesian Spring
Artesian Spring conjuration2touchV, S
Aspect of the Dragon transmutation4selfV
Aspect of the Moon
Assess Creature
Astral Projection necromancy910 feetV, S, M
Augmented Olfaction
Augury divination (ritual)2selfV, S, M
Awaken transmutation5touchV, S, M
Awakened from Death necromancy4touchV, S, M (a white shawl or prayer cloth and incense)
Awful Apparition illusion2touchV, S
Backbiter Shield
Backbiting Blow transmutation130 feetV, S
Bane enchantment130 feetV, S, M
Banishing Blade abjuration5touchV, S ,
Banishment abjuration460 feetV, S, M
Barkskin transmutation2TouchV, S, M
Battlecry Ballad
Beacon of Hope abjuration330 feetV, S
Beast Shape transmutation5selfV, S, M (a piece of the creature whose form you plan to assume)
Bestow Curse necromancy3touchV, S
Big Brother divination3touchV, S, M (a computer, tablet, or smart phone)
Bitter Chains
Black Hole evocation4120 feetV, S, M (a black glass bead)
Black Tentacles conjuration490 feetV, S, M
Blade Barrier evocation690 feetV, S
Blade of Grass transmutation6TouchV, S, M (a freshly plucked blade of grass)
Blazing Light
Bleeding Fire
Bless enchantment130 feetV, S, M
Blight necromancy430 feetV, S
Blinding Gaze transmutation360 feetS, M (wolf's pelt)
Blindness/Deafness necromancy230 feetV
Blink transmutation3selfV, S
Blood Tide
Bloodlust Cloud
Blur illusion2selfV
Boiling Oil
Breath of Frost
Burning Blood
Burning Breath transmutation1selfS, M (wolf's pelt)
Burning Hands evocation1self V, S
Call Lightning conjuration3120 feetV, S
Call of Cthulhu divination (formula, ritual)5selfV, S, D (circle of non-Euclidean engravings or markings centered on you)
Call of the Wild , ,
Calm Emotions enchantment260 feetV, S
Candle , ,
Cannons of Heaven
Caustic Blood
Caustic Burst 3
Celestial Shank , ,
Centipede’s Sting
Centipede’s Sting
Chain Lightning evocation6150 feetV, S, M
Chains of Hellfire , ,
Chains of Perdition
Chameleon Skin illusion2touchV, S, M (the shed skin of a lizard)
Chariot of Discreet Travel , ,
Charm Person enchantment130 feetV, S
Charm Ward abjuration1touchV, S
Chill Touch Necromancycantrip120 feetV, S
Chromatic Orb (OGL) evocation190 feetV, S, M
Chronoshift , ,
Circle Aflame
Circle of Death necromancy6150 feetV, S, M
Circular Breathing
Clairvoyance divination31 mileV, S, M
Clone necromancy8touchV, S, M
Cloud Barge
Cloudkill conjuration5120 feetV, S
Clouds of Radiance
Clumsiness , ,
Cobra’s Spit conjuration3SelfS, M (a poisonous snake’s fang)
Cold Snap Evocation cantrip60 feetV
Color Spray illusion1self V, S, M
Colossus transmutation9selfV, S, M (a dragon's scale or hairs from a giant's head)
Command enchantment160 feetV
Commune divination (ritual)5selfV, S, M
Commune with Nature divination (ritual)5selfV, S
Commune with Spirits
Commune With The City
Comprehend Languages divination (ritual)1selfV, S, M
Compulsion enchantment430 feetV, S
Concussion Bomb evocation2touchV, S, M (any spherical object the caster can throw) ,
Condemn , ,
Cone of Cold evocation5self V, S, M
Confusion enchantment490 feetV, S, M
Conjure Animals conjuration360 feetV, S
Conjure Blessed Child
Conjure Celestial conjuration790 feetV, S
Conjure Device
Conjure Dream-Dwellers conjuration430 feetV, S, M (sand and a silver key worth 500 gp)
Conjure Elemental conjuration590 feetV, S, M
Conjure Fey conjuration690 feetV, S
Conjure Fiends
Conjure Fiends
Conjure Flying Polyp conjuration830 feetV, S, M (an Elder Sign with radius at least 10 feet)
Conjure Lesser Fiends
Conjure Lesser Undead
Conjure Minor Elementals conjuration490 feetV, S
Conjure Minor Voidborn void magic5th
Conjure Nature’s Sleigh
Conjure Undead
Conjure Voidborn void magic7th
Conjure Woodland Beings conjuration460 feetV, S, M
Consuming Fire
Contact Deep Ones evocation (formula, ritual)150 milesV, S, M (inscribed stones, which the spell consumes), L (any body of water, which you cast the stones into)
Contact Other Plane divination (ritual)5SelfV
Contagion necromancy5touchV, S
Contingency evocation6selfV, S, M
Continual Flame evocation2touchV, S, M
Control Fluid
Control Vapor
Control Water transmutation4300 feetV, S, M
Control Weather transmutation8self V, S, M
Corrosive Solvent
Counterspell abjuration360 feetS
Create Armored Vehicle conjuration5touchV, S, M (see description) ,
Create Butter Cat
Create Firestone
Create Food and Water conjuration330 feetV, S
Create or Destroy Water transmutation130 feetV, S, M
Create Undead necromancy610 feetV, S, M
Creation illusion530 feetV, S, M
Creeping Shadow
Crippling Track abjuration1touchS, M (canine tracks)
Crowd Pleaser
Crushing Curse Void magic cantrip
Cunning Strike
Cure Wounds evocation1touchV, S
Dagger of Deception necromancy560 feetV, S, M (a tiny sword and a set of loaded dice)
Dagger Vault , ,
Dancing Lights Evocationcantrip120 feetV, S, M
Dark Lord’s Mantle
Dark-Light evocation360 feetV, S, M (a pinch of earth)
Darkness evocation260 feetV, M
Darkvision transmutation2touchV, S, M
Daylight evocation360 feetV, S
Deadly Carrier
Death Smoke
Death Ward abjuration4touchV, S
Decompose Corpse
Defy Death
Delayed Blast Fireball evocation7150 feetV, S, M
Demiplane conjuration860 feetS
Demon Within
Desecrate 2
Destructive Resonance void magic2nd
Destructive Resonance
Detect Chaositech
Detect Emotion , ,
Detect Evil and Good divination1selfV, S
Detect Magic divination (ritual)1selfV, S
Detect Mark Divination cantripselfS
Detect or Deflect Scent
Detect Poison and Disease divination (ritual)1selfV, S, M
Detect Shapechanger divination3selfS, M (25 gp ointment)
Detect Thoughts divination2selfV, S, M
Devil’s Pact conjuration590 feetV, S, M (1,000 gp payment)
Dimension Door conjuration4500 feetV
Dirge of the Victorious Knights illusion6self (120-foot line)V, S, M (a medal from a dead noble military officer or a copy of an opera script, either worth at least 100 gp)
Discern Curse
Discern Curse
Disguise Self illusion1selfV, S
Disintegrate transmutation660 feetV, S, M
Dispel Evil and Good abjuration5SelfV, S, M
Dispel Magic abjuration3120 feetV, S
Disperse Vapor
Displaced Room , ,
Distant Accuracy
Distant Accuracy
Divination divination (ritual)4SelfV, S, M
Divinatory Expungement
Divine Favor evocation1SelfV, S
Divine Word evocation730 feetV
Dominate Beast enchantment460 feetV, S
Dominate Monster enchantment860 feetV, S
Dominate Person enchantment560 feetV, S
Draining Aura Necromancy cantripself (5-foot radius)V
Draining Mist
Dramatic Sting
Dream illusion5SpecialV, S, M
Dream Dalliance illusion460 feetV, S
Droplets of Invigoration evocation (cleric)430 feetV, S
Drowsy Fireflies
Drowsy Fireflies
Druidcraft Transmutationcantrip30 feetV, S
Druidhome conjuration860 feetV, S, M (the heart wood of an oak tree at least 100 years old)
Dying Curse necromancy330 ft.V, S
Earth Barrier abjuration110 feetV, S
Earthen Prison conjuration590 feetV, S
Earthquake evocation8500 feetV, S, M
Eldritch Blast Evocationcantrip120 feetV, S
Emergency Evacuation , ,
Empathy of the Faceless One divination4120 feetV, S
Enervating Ray necromancy2120 feetV, S
Enervating Shield necromancy4selfV, S, M (a bit of rotten organic matter or bone dust)
Enhance Ability transmutation2TouchV, S, M
Enlarge/Reduce transmutation230 feetV, S, M
Enlightenment of the Blind Idiot God transmutation530 feetV, S
Entangle conjuration190 feetV, S
Enthrall enchantment260 feetV, S
Entombed in Ice
Etherealness transmutation7SelfV, S
Evaporate Fluid
Evergreen Army conjuration9SelfV, S, F (emerald worth at least 10,000 gp)
Expeditious Retreat transmutation1SelfV, S
Explosive Shot
Explosive Strength
Extended Magazine conjuration2touchS, M (Specially designed ammunition holder worth at least 50 gp) ,
Eye Lamps evocation1selfS, M (wolf pelt)
Eye Of The Valkyrja
Eyebite necromancy6SelfV, S
Fabricate transmutation4120 feetV, S
Fabulous Fizzbangers , ,
Faerie Fire evocation160 feetV
Faithful Hound conjuration430 feetV, S, M
False Life necromancy1SelfV, S, M
Fault Line
Fear illusion3Self V, S, M
Fearful Rapture enchantment430 ft.V, S
Feather Fall transmutation160 feetV, M
Feeblemind enchantment8150 feetV, S, M
Fiendish Servant
Fiery Barrage , ,
Find Familiar conjuration (ritual)110 feetV, S, M
Find Steed conjuration230 feetV, S
Find the Path divination6SelfV, S, M
Find Traps divination2120 feetV, S
Finger of Death necromancy760 feetV, S
Fintech conjuration1selfS, M (access to cellphone or other Internet-connected device) ,
Fire Bolt Evocationcantrip120 feetV, S
Fire Shield evocation4SelfV, S, M
Fire Storm evocation7150 feetV, S
Fireball evocation3150 feetV, S, M
Flame Blade evocation2SelfV, S, M
Flame Darts
Flame Strike evocation560 feetV, S, M
Flaming Hammer , ,
Flaming Sphere conjuration260 feetV, S, M
Flay Skin
Flesh to Maize
Flesh to Stone transmutation660 feetV, S, M
Floating Disk conjuration (ritual)130 feetV, S, M
Flood Tide
Flood Tide conjuration6100 feetV, S
Floral Bouquet
Fly transmutation3TouchV, S, M
Focusing Form
Fog Cloud conjuration1120 feetV, S
Folly and Wit , ,
Forbiddance abjuration (ritual)6TouchV, S, M
Force Hook , ,
Forcecage evocation7100 feetV, S, M
Foresight divination9TouchV, S, M
Foretell Distraction
Form of the Dragon transmutation6selfV, S, M (a scale of the dragon type you plan to assume)
Fortune of the Gods
Foul Flesh necromancy1selfS, M (wolf pelt)
Fracture transmutation330 feetV, S, M (a small piece of bone)
Freedom of Movement abjuration4TouchV, S, M
Freeze Air Or Water
Freezing Sphere evocation6300 feetV, S, M
Friendly Summoning , ,
Frog in Your Throat , ,
Frost Needle
Funeral Pyre necromancy2selfV, S, M (ashes from a funeral pyre)
Gaseous Form transmutation3TouchV, S, M
Gate conjuration960 feetV, S, M
Geas enchantment560 feetV
Gentle Repose necromancy (ritual)2TouchV, S, M
Ghostly Blade , ,
Ghostly Glow necromancy160 feetV, S
Ghostly Warden , ,
Giant Insect transmutation430 feetV, S
Glibness transmutation8SelfV
Glimpse Of The Void void magic8th
Glimpse of the Void
Globe of Invulnerability abjuration6Self V, S, M
Gloom , ,
Glyph of Warding abjuration3TouchV, S, M
Goodberry transmutation1TouchV, S, M
Grease conjuration160 feetV, S, M
Greater Diminution transmutation860 feetV, S, M (a flea)
Greater Invisibility illusion4TouchV, S
Greater Restoration abjuration5TouchV, S, M
Group Telepathy
Guardian of Faith conjuration430 feetV
Guardian of the Living evocation630 feetV, S
Guards and Wards abjuration6TouchV, S, M
Guidance DivinationcantripTouchV, S
Guiding Bolt evocation1120 feetV, S
Gust of Wind evocation2Self V, S, M
Hallow evocation5TouchV, S, M
Hallucinatory Terrain illusion4300 feetV, S, M
Halo of Rejuvenation evocation220 feetV, S
Harm necromancy660 feetV, S
Harmonic Resonance
Haste transmutation330 feetV, S, M
Heal evocation660 feetV, S
Healing Word evocation160 feetV
Heart of Cocytus enchantment4selfV, S ,
Heat Metal transmutation260 feetV, S, M
Hellish Rebuke evocation160 feetV, S
Herald Wind
Herculean Force
Heroes’ Feast conjuration630 feetV, S , M
Heroism enchantment1TouchV, S
Hide from Enemies
Hide From Enemies
Hideous Laughter enchantment130 feetV, S, M
Hieroglyphic Barrier abjuration (cleric)560 feetV,S
Hold Monster enchantment590 feetV, S, M
Hold Person enchantment260 feetV, S, M
Hold Vapor
Holy Aura abjuration8SelfV, S, M
Hooded Eyes enchantment2self (60-foot-radius)S, M (a little dust) ,
Howling Fog evocation4self (60-foot cone)V, S, M (wolf pelt)
Huff and Puff evocation3self (60-foot cone)V, S, M (wolf pelt)
Hungering Shadows
Hunter’s Mark divination190 feetV
Hunter’s Snare enchantment160 feetV, S, M (a loop of twine) ,
Hypnotic Pattern illusion3120 feetS, M
Ice Armor
Ice Shards
Ice Shield
Ice Storm evocation4300 feetV, S, M
Ice Sword
Identify divination (ritual)1TouchV, S, M
Identify Device
Illuminated Weapon
Illusory Script illusion (ritual)1TouchS, M
Imperfect Portrait , ,
Imprisonment abjuration930 feetV, S, M
Incendiary Cloud conjuration8150 feetV, S
Inferno Strike
Inflict Wounds necromancy1TouchV, S
Inscribed Enemy
Insect Plague conjuration5300 feetV, S, M
Instant Summons conjuration (ritual)6TouchV, S, M
Invisibility illusion2TouchV, S, M
Irresistible Dance enchantment630 feetV
Irresistible Onslaught
Irresistible Onslaught
Jaguar Spirit
Jump transmutation1TouchV, S, M
Just Reversal
Knock transmutation260 feetV
Know the True Form divination4TouchV
Legend Lore divination5SelfV, S, M
Lesser Restoration abjuration2TouchV, S
Let Me In!
Levitate transmutation260 feetV, S, M
Life Drain (2nd Level) , ,
Life Drain (6th Level) void magic6th
Life Seed evocation330 feetV, S
Light EvocationcantripTouchV, M
Lightning Bolt evocation3Self V, S, M
Liquid Modulation
Liquid Sphere
Litany of Castigation
Litany of Rebuke
Litany of Rest
Litany of Vulnerability
Livewire ,
Living Shadows void magic5th
Lizard Scales
Locate Animals or Plants divination (ritual)2SelfV, S, M
Locate Creature divination4SelfV, S, M
Locate Object divination2SelfV, S, M
Lock and Load
Longstrider transmutation1TouchV, S, M
Lord of the City
Lycaeonia Curse
Maddening Whispers void magic2nd
Mage Armor abjuration1TouchV, S, M
Mage Hand Conjurationcantrip30 feetV, S
Magic Circle abjuration310 feetV, S, M
Magic Circle Against Shapechangers
Magic Circle Against Technology
Magic Jar necromancy6SelfV, S, M
Magic Mine , ,
Magic Missile evocation1120 feetV, S
Magic Mouth illusion (ritual)230 feetV, S, M
Magic Weapon transmutation2TouchV, S
Magnificent Mansion conjuration7300 feetV, S, M
Major Image illusion3120 feetV, S, M
Make Whole
Making Blank
Manifold Selves
Mantle of Doubt
Mass Cure Wounds evocation560 feetV, S
Mass Heal evocation960 feetV, S
Mass Healing Word evocation360 feetV
Mass Suggestion enchantment660 feetV, M
Maze conjuration860 feetV, S
Meaningful Words , ,
Melancholic Lycanthropia
Meld Into Ice
Meld into Stone transmutation (ritual)3TouchV, S
Mending TransmutationcantripTouchV, S, M
Message Transmutationcantrip120 feetV, S, M
Meteor Swarm evocation91 mileV, S
Mind Blank abjuration8TouchV, S
Minor Illusion Illusioncantrip30 feetS, M
Miracle Paste , ,
Mirage Arcane illusion7SightV, S
Mirror Image illusion2SelfV, S
Mislead illusion5SelfS
Mist Ladder transmutation160 feetV, S, (a burning branch, or a Small or larger fire)
Mist Ladder
Mist of R’lyeh
Misty Step conjuration2SelfV
Modify Memory enchantment530 feet V, S
Moonbeam evocation2120 feetV, S, M
Mountain Mallet
Move Earth transmutation6120 feetV, S, M
Mundane Paradigm
Mundane Resistance
Murder of Crows
Mutual Hatred
Nature’s Fury
Nature’s Ward AbjurationcantripTouchV, S
Nether Weapon void magic4th
Neutralize Gas
Nondetection abjuration3TouchV, S, M
Open Mind enchantment2touchV, S
Orb of Containment
Orgiastic Rite
Orne’s Black
Out of Sight
Pack Friend
Palpitating Heart
Parkour ,
Pass without Trace abjuration2SelfV, S, M
Passwall transmutation530 feetV, S, M
Peer Into The Future
Phantasmal Killer illusion4120 feetV, S
Phantom Steed illusion (ritual)330 feetV, S
Phoenix Wings
Photocopy ,
Ping ,
Plague of Frogs
Plague of Toads , ,
Planar Ally conjuration660 feetV, S
Planar Binding abjuration560 feetV, S, M
Plane Shift conjuration7TouchV, S, M
Plant Growth transmutation3150 feetV, S
Pnak Otic Word
Poison Food or Water
Poison Skin
Poison Spray Conjurationcantrip10 feetV, S
Polymorph transmutation460 feetV, S, M
Possess Doll
Powder of Ibn Ghazi
Power Word Kill enchantment960 feetV
Power Word Stun enchantment860 feetV
Prayer of Healing evocation230 feetV
Preservation of the Flesh
Prestidigitation Transmutationcantrip10 feetV, S
Primal Stalker
Primeval Interdiction
Prismatic Spray evocation7Self V, S
Prismatic Wall abjuration960 feetV, S
Private Sanctum abjuration4120 feetV, S, M
Produce Flame ConjurationcantripSelfV, S
Programmed Illusion illusion6120 feetV, S, M
Project Image illusion7500 milesV, S, M
Property Transference
Protection from Energy abjuration3TouchV, S
Protection from Evil and Good abjuration1TouchV, S, M
Protection From Nonmagical Gas
Protection from Poison abjuration2TouchV, S
Protection From Technology
Protection From The Void void magic1st
Psychic Bomb , ,
Psychic Leech
Pumpkin Pact
Purify Food and Drink transmutation (ritual)110 feetV, S
Purifying Mist abjuration4self (30-foot radius)V, S
Purifying Mist
Putrefy Food And Drink
Quick Breath
Raise Dead necromancy5TouchV, S, M
Ray of Enfeeblement necromancy260 feetV, S
Ray of Frost Evocationcantrip60 feetV, S
Rebirth transmutation6TouchV, S, F (shards from a gold dragon’s egg)
Rebuke Technology
Receding Reef
Receding Reef
Reef Growth
Reef Growth
Reflect Elements , ,
Regenerate transmutation7TouchV, S, M
Regrowth transmutation1TouchV, S
Reincarnate transmutation5TouchV, S, M
Remove Curse abjuration3TouchV, S
Remove Fatigue
Remove Fear
Remove Malware ,
Remove Radioactivity
Repair Device
Repel Elementals abjuration3self (10-foot radius)V, S
Repel Undeath
Resilient Sphere evocation4
Resistance AbjurationcantripTouchV, S, M
Resonating Solo
Restore Corpse
Resurrection necromancy7TouchV, S, M
Reverse Gravity transmutation7100 feetV, S, M
Revivify necromancy3TouchV, S, M
Ring Strike
Rising Sun
Rope Trick transmutation2TouchV, S, M
Rotting Grasp
Rotting Grasp
Rusting Grasp
Sacred Flame Evocationcantrip60 feetV, S
Sanctuary abjuration130 feetV, S, M
Sarnath Sigil
Scalding Brand , ,
Scaly Barrier abjuration3100 feetV, S, M (a shed snakeskin)
Scorching Ray evocation2120 feetV, S
Scrying divination5SelfV, S, M
Second Mind , ,
Secret Chest conjuration4TouchV, S, M
See Invisibility divination2SelfV, S, M
See Shapechangers divination3selfV, S, M (ointment of honey and lotus petals, applied to the eyelids)
Seed Bomb
Seeming illusion530 feetV, S
Seize the Heart necromancy430 feetV, S
Sending evocation3UnlimitedV, S, M
Sense Spell
Sequester transmutation7TouchV, S, M
Serpent Fingers
Shadow Barbs
Shadow of Doubt
Shadow Weapon
Shapechange transmutation9SelfV, S, M
Shapechanging Reversion
Shatter evocation260 feetV, S, M
Shield abjuration1SelfV, S
Shield of Faith abjuration160 feetV, S, M
Shield of Honor abjuration2TouchV, S
Shield of Light
Shillelagh TransmutationcantripTouchV, S, M
Shocking Grasp EvocationcantripTouchV, S
Shriek of the Byakhee
Silence illusion (ritual)2120 feetV, S
Silencing Gaze
Silent Image illusion160 feetV, S, M
Similar Structure , ,
Simulacrum illusion7TouchV, S, M
Siphon of Knowledge ,
Sky God’s Vengeance
Sleep enchantment190 feetV, S, M
Sleet Storm conjuration3150 feetV, S, M
Slow transmutation3120 feetV, S, M
Snake Swarm
Song of the Viren
Speak with Animals divination (ritual)1SelfV, S
Speak with Dead necromancy310 feetV, S, M
Speak with Plants transmutation3Self V, S
Spider Climb transmutation2TouchV, S, M
Spike Growth transmutation2150 feetV, S, M
Spiked Crevasse
Spinning Axes
Spirit Guardians conjuration3Self V, S, M
Spirit of the Wind
Spirit Trance
Spiritual Dice , ,
Spiritual Weapon evocation260 feetV, S
Split Spirit necromancy5selfV, S
Staff of the River
Steaming Breath
Steel Drive
Sticky Paws
Stinking Cloud conjuration390 feetV, S, M
Stone Flame
Stone Shape transmutation4TouchV, S, M
Stoneskin abjuration4TouchV, S, M
Storm of Vengeance conjuration9SightV, S
Strands of Life evocation5100 feetV, S
Strength in Numbers
Strike Up the Band
Subjective Reality
Substitutionary Idol abjuration3selfV, S, M (offerings to the spirits worth 10 gp and a small statuette)
Substitutionary Idol
Suggestion enchantment230 feetV, M
Summon Dragon Spirit
Summon Mi-go
Summon Moon-Beast
Summon Nightgaunt
Summon Star-Thing
Sunbeam evocation6Self V, S, M
Sunburst evocation8150 feetV, S, M
Sunfire Tomb
Suppress Pain abjuration1TouchV, S
Symbol abjuration7TouchV, S, M
Tamer’s Whip
Tearful Sonnet
Technathema ,
Telekinesis transmutation560 feetV, S
Telepathic Bond divination (ritual)530 feetV, S, M
Teleport conjuration710 feetV
Teleportation Circle conjuration510 feetV, M
Thaumaturgy Transmutationcantrip30 feetV
Thoth’s Crescent
Threefold Moons of Thoth
Thunderwave evocation1Self V, S
Tiger Trap
Time in a Bottle
Time Step
Time Stop transmutation9SelfV
Tiny Hut evocation (ritual)3Self V, S, M
Titan’s Resonance
Tongue of The Frog God 3 ,
Tongue of the Frog God
Tongues divination3TouchV, M
Touch Blast , ,
Tranquil thoughts
Transport via Plants conjuration610 feetV, S
Treachery of the Earthmother
Tree Stride conjuration5SelfV, S
Tremorsense , ,
True Polymorph transmutation930 feetV, S, M
True Resurrection necromancy9TouchV, S, M
True Seeing divination6TouchV, S, M
True Strike Divinationcantrip30 feetS
Twine Double
Umbral Blade
Undead Servant
Unicorn Rush ,
Unseen Servant conjuration (ritual)160 feetV, S, M
Vampiric Touch necromancy3SelfV, S
Vengeful Strike , ,
Venom Ward
Venomous Succor evocation3TouchS
Vicious Mockery Enchantmentcantrip60 feetV
Viper Spit
Virtue AbjurationcantripTouchV, S
Visions of Madness
Vitriolic Sphere
Void Rift void magic9th
Void Strike void magic3rd
Wall of Air
Wall of Coral
Wall of Coral
Wall of Corpses
Wall of Fire evocation4120 feetV, S, M
Wall of Force evocation5120 feetV, S, M
Wall of Ice evocation6120 feetV, S, M
Wall of Roses , ,
Wall of Smoke
Wall of Stone evocation5120 feetV, S, M
Wall of Thorns conjuration6120 feetV, S, M
Wall of Water
Wall of Wood
Wall of Wood
War Cry
Warding Bond abjuration2TouchV, S, M
Warning Bell
Warp Wood
Warrior’s Blessing abjuration3TouchV, S
Wasted Years
Water Breathing transmutation (ritual)330 feetV, S, M
Water Walk transmutation (ritual)330 feetV, S, M
Waves of Light
Web conjuration260 feetV, S, M
Weird illusion9120 feetV, S
Wellspring of Soul’s Light
Will of the Gods
Wind Shaft
Wind Walk transmutation630 feetV, S, M
Wind Wall evocation3120 feetV, S, M
Wish conjuration9SelfV
Withering Touch
Wolf Wall
Wolfsbane abjuration390 feetV, S, M (a handful of animal fur)
Word Of Misfortune Void magic cantrip
Word of Recall conjuration65 feetV
Words of Encouragement
Wrath of Cocytus
Zone of Aegis , ,
Zone of Truth enchantment260 feetV, S