Alpha Instinct

2nd-level enchantment

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: Personal

Components: V, S, M (a bit of musk from a socially dominant animal)

Duration: 8 hours

Classes: bard, druid, ranger

Animals perceive you as their social superior.

You have advantage on Charisma (Animal Handling) checks, and if you have a friendly animal available you can use a bonus action to interact with it while making an Intelligence (Nature), Wisdom (Survival), or—if the animal is at least your sizeStrength (Athletics) check.

This counts as the animal’s reaction as well as its bonus action on its next turn. Animals made friendly with this spell do not aid you in combat and flee if in danger.

At any point during the spell’s duration, you can issue a nonverbal command to all animals within 60 feet, inducing them to forage for food for you. These animals disappear into the surrounding wilderness for 1 hour, after which they return to the location where you issued the command with an offering of 5 pounds of edible food. This ends the spell.

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