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Awaken Location

8th-level transmutation

Classes: Cleric, Druid, Wizard

Casting Time:12 hours

Range:1000 feet

Components:V, S, M (an item of specific significance to the location)


There are places in the world that have a life of their own and can be powerful conduits for certain energies. When you cast this spell, you cause the area within range to gain a subtle sentience. This intelligence does not manifest in a normally recognizable way and cannot be directly communicated with. It does, however, take on a will of its own and is influenced by the events that occur at that location.

  • Holy Ground. A place of worship and veneration that is awakened can become a conduit for goodness, hope, and divinity. Creatures of evil are shunned from these places and gods themselves may act to defend the grounds.
  • House of Horrors. A dark place of murder, deceit, and treachery will manifest a malignant presence. This type of locale often stretches its influence out to nearby lands and manipulates fragile souls to be caught in its web. Souls of the dead can be trapped within the area and used as marionettes for the evil presence. The only thing it desires is to fester and collect misery.
  • Nature’s Paradise. In places where the touch of civilization has not dared to stretch, a presence can awaken that embodies self-preservation and harmony. Forces that would upset this balance and oppose the natural order may be met with an unapologetically lethal response.
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